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  • Cram Down Rental Property- Is there anyone doing this?

    Can anyone discuss their experiences wtih a cram down on a rental property. We will be filing BK, and am looking at doing a Ch 13. I know a Ch. 11 is a possibilty if we wanted to spread the payments out longer than 5 years. (and be in in longer!) Ch. 11 may have other advantages, not sure if not having...
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  • Renting House IIB, Buying Second Home - Thoughts, Advice?

    This is a little lengthy so thanks to those of you that read it all and can contribute.

    Before filing Chapter 7 I had a rental property that was severely underwater. After getting laid off in a merger I let it go in foreclosure. We also had our primary residence that we lived in and...
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  • Parents gifted us property then filed Ch7 - we have loan on property

    Perhaps a different angle here for you.

    In 2008 my parents gifted property to my brother and I as joint tenants (in Oklahoma).

    In 2009 my wife and I took out a loan against the property (my brother and his wife did as well due to the nature of joint tenancy but my wife...
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