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  • Need advice having debt nightmares and being sued.

    I will try to keep this as short as possible. I really need some sound advice because I am literally waking up in the middle of the night because I am so worried about this.

    First a little back story:
    My name is Tasha, I'm 22 years old, I work as a CNA (10 dollars per hour),...
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  • bankrupcy when cant pay amount owed from a lawsuit?

    hey guys im 23 and completely new to this whole thing.

    I consider myself pretty middle class financially and I live a very modest lifestyle and always within my means, but something has just rocked my world.

    I just got a letter that I was being sued for downlading and uploading...
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  • Non-filing Spouse Getting Sued by Creditor in Wisconsin

    In 2009, I filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy in Wisconsin. Upon filing, my husband chose to be a non-filing spouse. All debts, including his non secured debts, were included in the paperwork. In November of 2009, a complete discharge was granted and closed.

    Last week, my husband was served...
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  • Just recently D/C'ed and Closed, but I have to sue someone now for a large sum of $$

    In my update thread, I mentioned my son was bitten by a dog 11 days ago. He has 100 stitches in his face and we had to get an attorney to pay these medical bills. The attorney took my case on contingency, and says my son may see $100,000 out of this.

    Of course we know that MAY NOT be...
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  • tenngal
    started a topic Attorney placement pending letter

    Attorney placement pending letter

    Quick background on my situation: I met with an attorney in July and was advised to stop making credit card payments immediately, to stop using all credit cards and basically wait until I was served a judgement before I filed. I owe around $30,000.00 on 3 different cards. I was finally approved for...
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  • What is the smallest amount of money a collector will sue for?

    I keep reading about these lawsuits and judgements. Do all these collections agencies file. Some of the amounts have been relatively small $1,000 or so. Do they just sue no matter what? I am curious as I am trying to deal with debt one creditor at a time. When you are in a state that they can't...
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  • jens5468
    started a topic Pending CC lawsuits pre and post discharge?

    Pending CC lawsuits pre and post discharge?

    In my case i had two Credit Card Co lawsuits in process before and after discharge.

    one of the suits had won a judgement and was garnishing wages.

    My quesion is:
    Is there some action i should take to stop the law suit process or do they automatically do that and...
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