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  • Discharged from debt: Chapter 7, over the median income

    We were over the income filers and were just discharged - timely - from our debts.

    ~We had an underwater house that we could not sell - nor barter with the servicer - and had rented for a couple of years. It would foreclosure.
    ~ 2 CC's total about 20k
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  • csonly
    started a topic Means test question...

    Means test question...

    I've been going over my BK paperwork over and over. I do feel that I have a competent attorney with more than 20 years experience, so I feel comfortable with him, but I do question a few things on our means test.

    For the means test, I see that the national standards are what are used...
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  • Got a Presumption of Abuse Letter in the mail today.....

    We had our 341 over 2 weeks ago. Naively thought we were in the clear as that felt pretty thorough and lasted 15+ minutes. Today got the 707b letter. It is dated 11 days after our meeting.

    All it says is "Notice is hereby given that the United States Trustee has reviewed all Materials...
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  • daytona
    started a topic Mtg payment on means test, ride through?

    Mtg payment on means test, ride through?

    I have a question surrounding home mortgage for you all. Well over median income, but high secured debt (mortgage) payment. If the mortage is included in the means test, easily pass, if not, its tougher.

    If "in theory" your BK is supposed to be a "snapshot in time",...
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  • screentest
    started a topic Presumption of Abuse Filed

    Presumption of Abuse Filed

    It's official. Yesterday the US Trustee filed their motion of presumed abuse against our case. This was one day after our corrected means test and schedules were filed. Both showed negative DMI.

    I won't find out until Monday what the actual presumption is however my guess is they believe...
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