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  • Private Student Loan CONFUSION-- HELP ME PLEASE

    I’m confused about when a private student loan can be included in bankruptcy. I tried reading the threads but don't understand the rules/law. I’d welcome any help.

    Does anyone here know how to tell whether a student loan is private? If it is private, how do you know if it’s one...
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  • blackdog
    started a topic Who Owns My Student Loans Now? Access Group?

    Who Owns My Student Loans Now? Access Group?

    My account profile for my private student loans lists all of my loans, save one, as having a zero balance with zero due despite my making only partial payments on them for quite some time. Is this b/c they've been sold to a collection agency? I'd like to contact Access to inquire, but I don't want...
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  • Update on Legislation to Allow Discharge of Private Student Loans

    This coming week will be the last week that the 111th Congress will be in session. Once Congress adjourns, the next time our lawmakers gather together in Washington, it will be to form a new Congress, meaning that all legislation that failed to pass the current Congress will cease to exist. That would...
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  • k10
    started a topic AP for 220K in Private Student Loans

    AP for 220K in Private Student Loans


    I have about $250,000 in total student loan debt; roughly $220,000 of that is comprised of private sl debt. I'm 25 and making $50,000 annually, and I'm living in NYC. I haven't been able to afford payments and as of two weeks ago about 70k of that was charged off by chase (they...
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  • tremar85
    started a topic Wyotech Discharge

    Wyotech Discharge


    I've just petitioned for chapter 7 bankruptcy today in Sacramento, California. I had a debt to Wyotech in Fremont, CA (Under Corinthian Colleges, which btw fell off in the ) in the form of a tuition balance owed to the school, taken care of by an attorney by the name of Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx,...
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  • KeithDoxen
    started a topic Private Loans and Statutes of Limitations

    Private Loans and Statutes of Limitations

    There is lots of misinformation out there about whether or not student loans are subject to state statutes of limitations. The answer is that some are and others are not, and of course the student loan companies have done their best to confuse everyone on this topic. Let's first look at federal law...
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  • Income Based Repayment (IBR) / Student Loans / Chpt 7 / PRO SE

    This is my first post. Plz redirect me if it's in the wrong spot or covered elsewhere.

    I'm filing Chpt 7 Bk in the 9th Circuit (possibly pro se). I plan to show undue hardship b/c of permanent & total disability. PLZ give me your opinions as I desperately need help! Anyone who meets...
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  • Private Student Loans may be dischargeable in Chapter 7

    This just in....

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    Written by: Michelle Cormier
    Published: 09/16/2010
    House Panel Approves Bill to Allow Discharge of Private Loans in Bankruptcy

    On Wednesday,...
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  • britjust
    started a topic Private student loans chp 7 discharge help

    Private student loans chp 7 discharge help

    I have about $110,000.00 in student loan debt. $70,000 of the student loan debt is from Chase Bank in a non government backed and non school certified loan. The other $40,000 is through AES. I didn't get these loans through my school or anything. I was wondering if my student loans since they are...
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  • impendingbk
    started a topic This might work??

    This might work??

    I was wondering if anyone had tried to discharge their Private Student Loans based on the fact that they are "non-qualified?" In the Legislation that passed in 2005 it states that in order to be exempt from bankruptcy the loan must be "qualified" and capped at the cost of tuition...
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