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  • BankruptinNJ
    started a topic I Don't Want Any Credit Cards!

    I Don't Want Any Credit Cards!

    I was starting to get "pre-selected" credit card offers and I made a decision: I don't want them! I know that I am a shopaholic and I will only get into trouble.

    I thought that I wanted a secured card to rebuild my credit and did apply online for the Public Bank secured one...
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  • 30 Things Broke People Say (That Keep Them Broke)

    January 11, 2011

    1. If I earn interest, I have to pay more taxes.
    2. There’s no shame in being poor, just in dressing poorly.
    3. At my age, it’s too late anyway.
    4. Why save money? You can’t take it with you when you die!
    5. We’re only young once!
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  • BKDebby
    started a topic After 341, when can I start adding to my savings?

    After 341, when can I start adding to my savings?

    Chapter 7, No asset. This is all that's showing up on PACER - my 341 was November 10:
    Trustee's Initial Report: 341 MEETING OF CREDITORS HELD.

    When can I start putting some money in my savings for emergencies?

    I already know that @#$%^ trustee is more than likely taking...
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  • NowImDownInIt
    started a topic E-Mealz: a helpful tool

    E-Mealz: a helpful tool

    Any of y'all on this? I read a thread yesterday from someone that was unhappy about not getting maximum on their food budget for a family of four (got $650 and wanted $750) and I wanted to share something.. like I used to do, way back when.

    I once mentioned the wonder of Angel Food Ministries...
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  • Filing Chapter 7 - Question about minor's checking account

    My son is 15 and has a part time job. It doesn't pay a lot but he wanted a checking account. Since he's 15 one of us had to be on the account with him, so I went with him to get the account and my name is on it. He wants to save up for a moped. If he starts accumulating a lot of money in his account...
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