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  • Prohibited from filing Ch 7 if Equity/Asset Value/Secured Debt over $1mil?

    I live in CA and in 2009, I consulted with a BK attorney. I have something in my notes about my not being eligible to file Ch 7 because (at that time) I had over $1mil in secured debt.

    Someone I just spoke to today in WI said their attorney told him that he could not quality for Ch...
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  • Letter from Bass & associates 6 months after discharge?

    Telling me they have received discharge papers and want to know when I will be surrendering there secured property.
    Best Buy... we bought a tv & sound system thing over.2 years ago that we paid on for 1.5 years before we filed.
    I'm assuming I should just ignore this? I'm not voluntarily...
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  • ccsjoe
    started a topic Pre-Bankruptcy Prep Work-Paying Bills

    Pre-Bankruptcy Prep Work-Paying Bills

    I've seen a lot of posters here having some difficulties paying certain secured creditors post filing due to not receiving statements anymore, direct debits (ACH's) being canceled due to automatic stay, etc.

    As part of your pre-filing preparation, to ensure a smooth transition, I did...
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  • KCFan
    started a topic Best Buy/Sears

    Best Buy/Sears

    I just filed for Ch7 on 7/7/10. I don't remember in my information packet to my attny if I listed my TV from Best Buy and a couple appliances from Sears as unsecured or secured. I purchased my TV in Jan 09 on 3 yrs/no interest through Best Buy (actually HSBC) and have made payments ever since. I purchased...
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  • Nightmares
    started a topic Store Cards and Dell Financial

    Store Cards and Dell Financial


    I've been lurking for the past 6 months. Talked to three different lawyers all of which I could not afford to file my Ch.7. I've had one lawyer who was kind and told me to email him any questions I might have. I seriously doubt he would answer the questions I have now as it...
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  • Voluntarily dismiss? Amend? or convert to Chapt 7?

    I came here for answers, but after reading a bit I have new QUESTIONS! I filed Chapt 13 in Feb 2009 to temporarily stop foreclosure until the end of the school year so the kids' lives wouldn't be so disrupted. Now that we've moved, and the foreclosure resumed and finalized, I had thought I had only...
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  • myheadache
    started a topic Secured debts from Electronic Store

    Secured debts from Electronic Store

    I just realized that my camera that was bought last year on a Best Buy credit card is considered a secured debt. It wasn't very much- about $400. That's the only purchase made on the store credit card. Now I'm confused on what I need to do and what to check off in the paperwork. Anyone had a similar...
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