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  • Savings Bonds, Kids Toys, and bad business...

    I started my personal property list last night, and a few questions came up:

    When I am listing some EE Savings bonds, which are $50 savings bonds, but most are currently valued at around $30, I was wondering how to list/value them. My thoughts were to say "$50 EE Savings bond, Current...
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  • Clearthebook
    started a topic Children's Possessions

    Children's Possessions

    I apologize if this has been covered before, but after reading several threads regarding children's possession with respect to "the estate" I still do not have a clear picture of what I am required to do.

    We are going to file Pro Se Chapter 7 in Oregon. When filling out the...
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  • tanyusik
    started a topic personal property of small children

    personal property of small children

    Need advice. Should I include the value of bed, desk, toys, books and clothes of my 6 year old daughter into the description and value of my personal property in the bankruptcy estate.
    It kind of doesn't belong to me.
    Do I list all the children items on BK schedule?
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