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  • Rico07
    started a topic 2nd Lien, Unsecured Portion?

    2nd Lien, Unsecured Portion?

    Our chapter 7 was discharged this year.
    We originally took out a 2nd mortgage for:$59,858.

    On our schedule D-"Creditors Holding Secured Claims" there is a column that states: UNSECURED PORTION, IF ANY. Our second lien shows a figure of $35,536.

    I realize...
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  • KCFan
    started a topic Best Buy/Sears

    Best Buy/Sears

    I just filed for Ch7 on 7/7/10. I don't remember in my information packet to my attny if I listed my TV from Best Buy and a couple appliances from Sears as unsecured or secured. I purchased my TV in Jan 09 on 3 yrs/no interest through Best Buy (actually HSBC) and have made payments ever since. I purchased...
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  • Need advise - Lots of Secured and Unsecured Debt

    Ok, here is my situation. My wife and I have been in business for ourselves since 1986. We run 3 separate retail businesses.

    We grew one of the businesses into a 6-store chain that was very successful for many years but no longer. In the last few years we were forced to close 5 of the
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  • Voluntarily dismiss? Amend? or convert to Chapt 7?

    I came here for answers, but after reading a bit I have new QUESTIONS! I filed Chapt 13 in Feb 2009 to temporarily stop foreclosure until the end of the school year so the kids' lives wouldn't be so disrupted. Now that we've moved, and the foreclosure resumed and finalized, I had thought I had only...
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  • Ablazed
    started a topic Cross Collateralization and Checking Account

    Cross Collateralization and Checking Account

    I have been lurking on these boards for quite some time now and think this is a great source of information. I appreciate all the members who post and contribute on a regular basis. You are awesome!

    In reading some of the posts about cross collateralization and closing bank accounts
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  • Medora
    started a topic Unsecured HELOC & Ch. 7

    Unsecured HELOC & Ch. 7

    Our home has a $500K first, and a $157 2nd HELOC, actual value is probably around $450K now. So essentially the 2nd is unsecured. We're planning on filing Chapter 7 in the spring.
    If our loan workout is unsuccessful, we can bring that unsecured HELOC into Ch. 7 with us, right? As long...
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