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  • mzbridget
    started a topic Utilities during bankruptcy

    Utilities during bankruptcy

    I can't find the specific answer to my question so posting as new thread. If you have links in the forum that answers this, please provide them.

    I filed today and my utilities are up-to-date except my water which I included in BK. Do I continue to pay my utilities while BK is open or...
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  • mzbridget
    started a topic Filed Today: Thoughts and Feedback

    Filed Today: Thoughts and Feedback

    I just returned from filing my Chapter 7 and first want to thank this amazing community for their help. While I never posted a question here and just found this place a few days ago, it saved me from some mistakes such as listing the student loans incorrectly. It also helped as a last-minute review...
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  • Not sure what to do with these items?? Asking for some help...

    I have a few items left off of the earlier Schedules and not sure where to put them...This may sound ignorant but I'm going to ask anyway and hope for some feedback. Doing Pro per and on track to file by end of February...hopefully

    1. Car insurance?? Does it go in Schedule G?...
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  • $180/mo cable bill - no wonder so many folks are going BK!

    An interesting article on how to negotiate down one's cable bill.

    It says that some folks' bill is $180/mo? Geez, even when I had cable TV AND internet cable, my total...
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  • sota10
    started a topic Deposits with utilities

    Deposits with utilities

    I'm getting ready to file and going through the checklist of assets. The list has a section asking about deposits with utilities. Why are deposits held by a utility company counted? It's not like I can access the money if I want to keep my utility to keep providing me with service. Also, how does the...
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  • In the Process
    started a topic Past Due Utility Bill

    Past Due Utility Bill

    I am surrendering my home in Ch 7. I filed June 11, 2008 and moved into a rental on the 19th. I had my utilities transferred to my new address. My question is; can I include my final utility bills from the old address in the BK? My new address has different account numbers from my utilities. Could they...
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