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  • Timeline for creditor action taken on car loan (pre BK)

    I recently lost my job and we will likely have to file a chapter 7 unless I get a job very quickly (which is extremely unlikely).

    I have a question about our car. We bought it new last year and still owe $25k on it (it's only worth about $18k according to The payments are really...
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  • worldgirl28
    started a topic Filing Chp 7 in FL - question about my car

    Filing Chp 7 in FL - question about my car

    Hello - I am getting ready to file Chapter 7 (by myself - finances don't permit me to afford a lawyer). I am single, do not own any real property, have less than $1,000 in household goods/assets, and I am still making payments on my car. Here's my question: regarding my car, I owe $7,600 on it and Kelly...
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  • mom2crazies
    started a topic Car Surrender

    Car Surrender

    Here is another question I emailed my attorney about and I never heard back on.

    We will most likely be surrendering our minivan (It exceeds the allowance). I am wondering if the trustee is required to give us our funds when the vehicle is surrendered, or when it is auctioned off.
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  • Jointly owned vehicles in a single-file chapter 7

    We have two vehicles. One is titled in just my husbands name and the other is jointly titled in both of our names. UT allows $2500 per filer, or $5K if both filing. Both of our cars are worth about the $2,500 ea. His is a 12 year old Mustang and mine is a 9 year old minivan and both are paid off. ...
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  • av2012
    started a topic Motor Vehicle Exemptions

    Motor Vehicle Exemptions

    I have a serious question!
    Today was the 341 meeting and the trustee says we can only claim an exemption on two of our four cars. one they can take and were all for it but we need the other three. the thing of it is only one is in mine and my wife's name. the other three are in both me and my...
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  • jv2010
    started a topic Auto Exemption in New York

    Auto Exemption in New York

    I am filing Chapter 7 in New York. This forum has been very helpful in this process. I have a car worth appx. $5200 based on kbb. I am married but I will be the only one filing for bankruptcy. I am the only one on the title of the car. I know NY has $2400 exemption for cars. Besides the car, I
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  • clamp
    started a topic Is Oregon a ride-through / keep and pay state?

    Is Oregon a ride-through / keep and pay state?

    I filed pro-se and don't plan to reaffirm my vehicle unless they'll re-negotiate... otherwise, I just planned to retain and keep payments current... where in our state statutes would i find if Oregon is a ride-through state... i just want to make sure they can't still reposses if i don't reaffirm but...
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  • BobMango
    started a topic Reaffirmation - CU Demands

    Reaffirmation - CU Demands

    Just filed this week. I have a vehicle that I owe just over $12K on. The KBB trade-in (lowest value) is about $20K. I called my CU today to talk about modifying the loan. My current payment is $650 and they are willing to drop the payment to $400. Also, I thought I was just one month behind but...
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  • akchrist
    started a topic Can we keep 2 cars?

    Can we keep 2 cars?

    My husband and I are filing jointly so I believe we can keep both but I want to be sure. The concern I have is that the cars are still very new and are both in my husband's name. We have a 2006 Ford Mustang that we owe about $11000 on and a 2007 Chevy HHR that we owe about $11500 on. The payments total...
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  • KP1980
    started a topic Sell vehicle to pay off secured loan?

    Sell vehicle to pay off secured loan?

    I have been trying to sell my car all year to pay off the secured loan. I just filed chap 7 and finally got a buyer.

    Can I make this transaction prior to my discharge, even prior to my 341 meeting?

    I did plan to reaffirm unless it sold. I am joint on the account. I filed...
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    Last edited by KP1980; 10-02-2008, 07:02 AM.

  • devildog
    started a topic My wife's Car? Old bank account?

    My wife's Car? Old bank account?

    I need some advice. I need to file bankruptcy. I believe I will be filing a chapter 7 and am going to set up an appointment for next week to talk to an attorney.

    My wife and I have 2 vehicles and they are both owned outright. My wife is NOT FILING with me. My first question is,...
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  • Finding The Commpressed Value Of My Car Before Filing Ch 13

    I have a brand new vehicle and its become to expensive and I'm going to have to file Ch 13. Should I buy a cheaper car(I'm WAY upside down on this one) or keep the car and put it in the Ch 13? I looking for how they determine the compressed value of a vehicle? Can anyone help me?
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