I am a working stiff with a local water district. Been working for 45 years now and really don't see retirement in my future. Times are just too tough on a single person even with retirement pension.

Am an animal lover as you can see from my avatar..... always have been!! Even have a "guest house" for dogs/cats/etc. next to the gargage if they come visiting. "Tilly" is our current visitor (neighborhood stray), she's been around our area for 10 years - belongs to no one!! So every morning she gets breakfast from me, she sees all the kids off to school, gets lunch from another neighbor, and trots across the street in the evening for supper...... She even takes a "dip" with the kids in one of the neighbors pools. Life of luxury for a stray, huh?

I enjoy the simple things in life now, glad to be a "country girl" away from the city. Enjoy sitting on the deck watching cattle/w/calfs, deer, coyotees, and listening to music and waterfalls.

Do a lot of crafts in my spare time, sell them also for extra income.

Enjoy "good times" with neighbors and friends with cookouts, get togethers at "Minnys Place" that my home has become known as.

I have stayed as a member of the forum over the years to help others get thru the process like others helped me. I would have been "lost" without the help and support of all those members during my bankruptcy. To them I will always be grateful.

So welcome to Minny's Place and its great to meet you!!