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Married Fileing Chapter7 for Myself Only

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    Married Fileing Chapter7 for Myself Only

    How do you list your personal property assests?

    Do you list everything, or do you split everything up like you are divorcing?

    Also do I only get get half of my states listed exemption amount or do I get the full amount?


    Your state should have info....for instance, in OR a single filer can exempt 40k of home equity, married 50k. Things will typically say "husband & wife may double" if that is an option.

    My debt is in my name only; we actually only have one joint account aside from the house/HELOC. So, everything he's bought is his IMO. I have 2 bank accounts in my name, those are mine, not his. And so on.

    I found this regarding homestead exemption in Nebraska:

    # May record homestead declaration
    Neb. Rev. Stat. ยง 40-105
    # $60,000 for head of family or unmarried person age 65 or older; cannot exceed 2 lots in city or village, 160 acres elsewhere; sale proceeds exempt 6 months after sale (husband & wife may not double)
    Filed 5/31/11 341 & Report of No Distribution 7/28/11 Discharged & Closed!! 9/29/11
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