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Newbie... Joint auto loan 1 filing

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    Newbie... Joint auto loan 1 filing

    I just signed up today

    I have the question to my attorney but havent heard a response yet

    My wife and I were on a Joint loan for a 06 BMW we owed 25200 on the loan and trade in value was 18k private party is 19500

    We traded it in on a cheaper car with both names on title

    the dealership called me said they got a screaming rate with just my wife on it. be fools for not getting it

    Now my question is... I am filing ch 13 by myself, wife isnt. this was the only joint account we have. is it ok for what we did? technically yes it was transfer of property but since we had dis equity in our original car there was no value at all

    what is your thoughts? Am I going to be screwed?


    If you were upside down on the tradein, are you upside down on the current car? I'm not sure if it would count as a transfer of property if you have no equity.
    Get mortgage modified: DONE! 7 months of back interest payments amortized, payment reduced over $200/mo
    (In the 'planning' stage, to file ch. 13 if/when we have to.)


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