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  • Thank you all!
    Right now, only $120 is deducted monthly for our HSA contribution from my husband's pay at R. We wanted to increase it , but was told to wait until we were confirmed. But then we had almost $6000 out of pocket in 2017, which took us more than 6 months to pay off (We had reached...
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  • Thank you all for your detailed responses!
    I think our biggest concern is LM apparently radically changed their whole insurance structure in 2018, eliminating Aetna and Delta dental, replacing both of them with CIGNA. As I understand it (from Indeed and Glass Door reviews) only high-deductible...
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    Last edited by Barbisi; 12-30-2018, 11:59 AM.

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  • Cigna only Health Insurance Plan Offered through Lockheed Martin

    My husband is about to schedule an interview with Lockheed Martin. We have since learned that Lockheed Martin only offers CIGNA health and dental plans. I have been reading dozens of frightening and 100% negative online reviews about how they deny every claim and cover nothing. Should he accept the...
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  • Barbisi
    replied to Almost Done....
    Congrats on winning your freedom back early but also as justbroke says, I send my deepest sympathy for your loss- money can never take the place of your lost loved one, but it can grant you some peace and room to grieve properly.
    Best of luck on moving forward in your life out of BK13 and with...
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  • Luckily I'm not in a position to advise on issues of divorce ( We have no children and are not contemplating anything like you're dealing with, but we do have direct experience with Hyatt Legal.)
    It is offered through my husband's work company. We originally signed on to draft a will in 2012...
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