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  • rdmusc
    started a topic Post bankruptcy blues.....

    Post bankruptcy blues.....

    Not sure if this should be posted here but here goes. I, along with my soon to be ex-wife, were granted a joint Chap 7. We were separated in the middle of this. In Louisiana, which is a community property and no-fault divorce state, there is a 180 period from the time one party, in this case, her,...
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  • tobee43
    started a topic America's Ticking Bankruptcy Bomb

    America's Ticking Bankruptcy Bomb

    June 14, 2011

    The failures of federal, state and local officials of both major parties, over many years, have primed a ticking bankruptcy bomb for America that will explode the American Dream if we don’t disarm it. But it is not too late to reverse course and avert the coming bankruptcy...
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  • tobee43
    started a topic Fewer people filing for bankruptcy

    Fewer people filing for bankruptcy

    May 22, 2011

    Bankruptcies in Western New York continued to fall in April for the 11th straight month, driven, in part, by a slowdown in mortgage foreclosures and less credit available for borrowers to get into trouble.

    New filings in Buffalo and Rochester fell 15.8 percent...
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  • Where'd The Time Go? A Year On BK Forum For Me - Thanks to ALL

    I just realized I've been posting here for a year.

    Those of you here a while know what a resource this site can be. I'll tell you what, I looked around before parking my toboggen here and there truly is no website with the kind of KNOWLEDGEABLE help as we have here.

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