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  • Simplynohope
    started a topic Obtaining a reliable car prior to Ch 13?

    Obtaining a reliable car prior to Ch 13?

    My attorney advised me to obtain a reliable car that would last me 5 years while under Ch 13. My credit score is 535 and I was declined a loan for a new car with warranty (moderately priced). My question is, can my Dad finance the car and and insure it, and will the trustee allow me to just pay him...
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  • HRoark0717
    started a topic Quick question on reaffirming a car

    Quick question on reaffirming a car

    I am planning to reaffirm my car loan and adding the lienholder info on The Statement of Intentions.
    Question: Am I required to also add the car lienholder to the Mailing Matrix?
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  • Car loan discahrged in chapter7 BK , can I sell the car now?

    My chapter 7 BK was discharged last year. I had a car loan worth $12K that was included in the discharge. Lender offered me papers to re-affirm, but I refused per lawyers advice. I have been paying every payment on time and lender has no problem with it.
    The issue is this: the car was originally...
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  • Dealing with car accidents and reaffirmation agreements.

    During my Chapter 7 filing I signed a reaffirmation agreement with my credit union to retain my car. The court date to approve that reaffirmation agreement is in February however I just totaled the car in a car accident.

    How does this all play out? I want to continue the reaffirmation...
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  • Pre-discharge car financing with same BK creditors?

    I filed BK chap 7 on Sept 10', 341 meeting was on Oct 10'. I'm currently waiting for discharge and I am assuming it will happen in late Dec 10' (keeping fingers crossed).

    I currently have a lease with Acura financials which I reaffirmed. The lease is set to expire on 12/4/10. I am...
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  • helpmeout
    started a topic I'm on my way

    I'm on my way

    to rebuilding my credit. And without a credit card to do so. I posted on the Car after BK board about my accident 2 weeks ago and getting approved for a loan at 9.51%. Well, since it's a 2007 that I got, it's 8.51% I ended up spending more money than I wanted to (still doable, but would have preferred...
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  • Existing car kept after BK but it's not helping rebuild credit...?

    Here's my situation. My BK was discharged 12/09. I had an existing car loan from Citi Financial Auto (which I was never late on and always overpaid on). I wanted to keep the car and asked the judge to reaffirm. He denied the reaffirmation but told me I could keep the car as long as I just continued...
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  • freedomnow7
    started a topic To Finance or Not to Finance

    To Finance or Not to Finance

    I know everyone's situation is different, but I'm just asking for advice here, given mine. My BK will be final next month. I turned in my car back in July and have been sharing one to get to work.

    I will have 10k saved by December to get a car. However, everyone keeps telling me...
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  • freedom7
    started a topic car loan with no lien on title?

    car loan with no lien on title?

    Filed our ch. 7 on 7/30/09 with ford credit as a secure debt. owe 23K, 06 explorer worth 14k, well, I found out from Ford over the phone that the dealer issued the title directly to me, which I don't have, would have to contact dmv to get and never perfected the lien. How is this going to work out?...
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  • Rumpole
    started a topic 401k loan is my car loan

    401k loan is my car loan

    I'm so confused...I took out a 401k loan to pay for my car. It is a direct deduction from my paycheck. Does this figure anywhere into filing bk7?
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  • zakaddy
    started a topic RoadLoans Experience / Advice?

    RoadLoans Experience / Advice?

    I know that they've come up time and time again in this forum - but I was wondering if anyone has had a good / bad experience with them, both in the dealer buying process and the loan overall.

    I applied this afternoon since I desperately need a new car (the total to fix my old one was...
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