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  • Zombie13
    started a topic Question Acquiring credit after discharge date

    Acquiring credit after discharge date

    Ok; as we get close to being done with this, we have some questions:

    I believe this has been answered before but: we can *legally* acquire credit (i.e. credit card, credit union loan, and yes, possibly a 401K loan) the day after the discharge. Is this correct? I believe shipo recommended...
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  • 13cdelta
    started a topic Question [Ohio] chapter 7 but homeowner

    [Ohio] chapter 7 but homeowner

    I closed on my home earlier this year. VA home loan for 176k. Well it seemed like one thing after another happened and I used all my savings getting into the house. So I ended up running up personal loans to fix things around my 'new' house. Credit card are maxed out to and was used for fixes. My income...
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  • AndHereWeAre
    started a topic Question Stock and/or crypto gains allowed?

    Stock and/or crypto gains allowed?


    We are almost 17 months into our C13.

    When we began, our attorney advised us if we inherited anything or won the lottery and the like, that would have to be reported to the trustee and he might take all or some of it.

    At the time, we also provided all the...
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  • Previous Credit Card History After BK 7


    If I had 11 years as my oldest card before BK, will it erase those years on my credit report? One of my oldest credit cards that I was again given after BK said I was a member for 11 years, but my credit report says my oldest card was 2 years. Which one is right as far as an offical...
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  • MASSIVE Payment Increase, is it worth it to continue?

    Hello all!

    New to the forum and first post but I have seen so many helpful pieces of advice here I just wanted to get some more seasoned folks opinions. I'm 43 months in to a 60 month Chapter 13 plan. Payments have been around $129 per check so about $260 a month. In January 2020 I started...
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  • Aren't UI benefits protected in bk filings?

    I've been unemployed since March 2020 and my only income has been UI benefits. Several times over the last 18 months, AzDES (who handles UI in my state) didn't pay my benefits for months at a time, so I would get lump sums once they pulled their heads out of you-know-where. This caused a lot of the...
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  • IvoryAngel
    started a topic Question Regional Acceptance - Write Off

    Regional Acceptance - Write Off

    Regional Acceptance or BBT Loan is showing Profit and loss write-off do they still issue a repossession order or is the account going to be sold? I'm confused I've never seen an auto loan that's not been repossessed state its been written off on the account. ~ Thanks...
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  • azphoenix
    started a topic Question Joint taxes/Chapter 13

    Joint taxes/Chapter 13

    First very much appreciate this site and everyone who contributes. I know that I’m going to have to file Chapter 13 in the near future. My questions concern’s back taxes owed jointly with ex-husband. In my divorce decree my ex-husband is responsible for paying taxes owed for past years in lieu of...
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  • Beachlife88
    started a topic Question Thinking about filing...

    Thinking about filing...

    Hello Everyone! I'm thinking about filing bankruptcy and have a consultation with a lawyer on Friday. For years, I've made bad decisions regarding my finances and slowly I've learned that living paycheck to paycheck won't work for me and I want to come into my future marriage with a clean slate....
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  • Matrix Address of Creditor Undeliverable - Mailed to Atty

    In my (pro se) case, I have a creditor who recently filed (and won on default) a state civil court case for the debt. (The creditor is actually a collection agency/debt buyer). That creditor had not (to my knowledge) contacted me directly, always through a local attorney, and did not, in the state civil...
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  • Will my bankruptcy affect my student loan IBR plan?

    I realized this was something I had never thought to ask - I was told you can't discharge your student loans but I never thought to ask if it would affect my IBR plan or progress.

    I'm on REPAYE through Nelnet for some dept of education loans and I have about 10 years into the 20 or 25 or...
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  • yourfired
    started a topic Question can't record phone convo's

    can't record phone convo's

    ok so here we go. the payday lender is telling me that the sheriff is on the way to come get me and that i will be going to jail for fraud!!! i am not shaken by this as i know it's a civil matter and not a criminal one. FF i live in commieforina and the law here states that i have to inform the party...
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  • Trustee asking for copies of tax return AND tax refund but refund is on tax return.

    I got my list of things the trustee wants and this is what it says regarding tax stuff:

    REFUNDS YOU RECEIVE. You will have to provide me with your 2021 tax returns when they are
    filed as well as any tax refunds
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  • Noticed an error on my petition - have lawyer amend or no big deal?

    We just filed and I happened to be showing my family member the petition and noticed that for monthly expenses the lawyer put 380 for transportation, maintenance, bus fare, etc. When I filled out the paperwork I put 150 so maybe they changed this on purpose? For my monthly income vs expenses I'm negative...
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  • 1. Paypal question 2. Should I switch lawyers?

    So, a couple different questions, the first being pretty simple. Do I need to mention a regular PayPal account in my filing? I don't have PayPal credit or anything it's just linked to my bank account and I have made some payments via PP over the last few months but those also show on my bank statements....
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