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  • bubbadirect
    started a topic SPRINT contract and lease?

    SPRINT contract and lease?

    i will be filing for Chapter 7 in a couple of days. i currently have a contract with Sprint that includes leasing 5 cell phones. (started in May 2017, ending May 2019)

    attorney's paperwork asks "do you intend to keep or surrender"

    whay does this mean? do we get to...
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  • StEt0417
    started a topic want to include cell phone bill

    want to include cell phone bill

    We want to include our cell phone bill into our BK. WE are currently behind on it. Its $400 to cancel but the monthly bill is $200 a month with Tmobile. We ordered new cell phones not knowing our phone bill will jump up that amount. I want to cancel the service and fine a new company and pay less....
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  • bkmaggster
    started a topic Automatic stay - Tmobile and GMAC

    Automatic stay - Tmobile and GMAC

    Hello all,

    I've been lurking here for the past few months while I filled out pro se paperwork for DH and myself. You've been very helpful. This is kind of complicated, so please bear with me...

    We filed in the morning on Tuesday (6/16) and Tmobile shut off our...
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