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  • What tax forms are submitted with 1040 tax returns for Ch7 Bankruptcy filing???

    I am finishing my tax returns and need to know what form to submit with my 1040 tax returns for filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in 2011. We received 2 1099's from our credit cards for debt forgiveness, which we don't want to have as income. Debt was discharged last year but we are an asset case and have...
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  • copaaz2005
    started a topic CH7 and Loan modification question

    CH7 and Loan modification question

    Hello, great discussion board. Lot's of wonderful information.

    Wife and I going to be filling ch7 next month and are thinking of going late on house payments to get bank to possibly work a loan modification with us. Question is how will late payments affect the ch7 filing. We do want...
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  • cchamberlin8
    started a topic New car just after filing??

    New car just after filing??

    I am very new to this but like so many others, I have found this to be a wealth of information. I am filing Ch 7 in New Jersey and I have a leased vehicle. Two years left on the lease and I will be significantly over the milage allowance at lease end. On one hand I think the best thing to do is to surrender...
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  • arameth
    started a topic being shaken down by BK lawyer...

    being shaken down by BK lawyer...

    So my wife's CH7 filing is going fairly well...had some bumps at 341 meeting (lawyer didn't even bother to show...sent some stranger to stand in for him, and US trustee was pretty harsh), but we're past that. I think we have another week before she is at the magic 61 day mark (and hopefully gets discharge...
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  • Advice on BK or Debt Settlement please...

    Hey all,

    I have researched this quite extensively and have consulted with several people. I could definitely use more insight on my current situation and what to prepare for given my current situation.

    I am self employed and have a C-corp so i file 2 sets of taxes....
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  • soleprop
    started a topic Pro Se Ch7 non-consumer in MN - My Story

    Pro Se Ch7 non-consumer in MN - My Story

    i am the sole proprietor of a failed small business; i owe about $15,000 in non-consumer, business related debt, and about $3,000 in personal, consumer debt.

    although the means test is not required for non-consumer CH7, my income is at or below the MN median income. i have one judgment...
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    Last edited by soleprop; 07-29-2008, 11:45 AM.

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