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  • Romie
    started a topic 341 Meeting today!!!!

    341 Meeting today!!!!

    Had my 341 meeting today for my chapter 7 BK Filing, thank god it's over's. Went well.
    Arrive at 9 am waited almost 1 hour for the trustee to arrived.
    My name on the list was last on the first page.
    Name was called trustee ask to verify the information is current, is that my signature....etc....
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  • Romie
    started a topic 1 week until 341 meeting!!!!

    1 week until 341 meeting!!!!

    I am nervous as time gets closer. I have my 341 schedule for 7/15. I have filed a CH7 no asset with an attorney. The reason I have filed I have been getting garnished for the time I did not mind so I was repaying little by little. Then one day I started to get garnish by 2 creditors at the...
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  • maffy
    started a topic Customer list.. will my customers be contacted?

    Customer list.. will my customers be contacted?

    I have a few questions that I hope you all can help me out with. I am self employeed (sole proprietor) and am getting ready to file ch 7 in few days. On Schedule B there's a section for Customer Lists. This is where I list the customers / companies that I do business with, isn't it? If I am correct,...
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  • ccsjoe
    started a topic !!!!!!!Discharge Notice!!!!!!!

    !!!!!!!Discharge Notice!!!!!!!

    Hey all, it appears the No. CA filing system is working without delays. My last day for objections was 12/6/10, and my discharge was 12/7/10, uploaded to PACER late yesterday.

    So I guess I'm discharged!!!!

    Thank you all who helped me thus...
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  • Should I SHORT SALE my house eventhough I filed CHAPTER 7

    Hello Everyone.

    I filed for chapter 7... 9/30/10 and had my 341 meeting on 11/03/10 and set to be discharge 1/03/11. pacers says no distribution.

    My uncle really wants me to short sale my house, I surrendered the house already on the bankruptcy, so I really dont own the...
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  • Cash for Keys - Can it be Fraud????? Please Help

    Our place went up for auction last Friday, 11/12. Of course it did not sell so it went back to the bank. Yesterday, I get a knock on my door for this guy, very casually dressed, stating that he is with the local realtor handling this property on behave of Fannie Mae. He continues to tell me that...
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  • BK not an issue for new securities job

    OK, so a lot of you know that right before my 341 I was actively engaged in a new job prospect with a national securities and banking corporation. To clarify, I do have a job, this would be just a better job.

    I did, during the final stages of interviewing, disclose that I was going...
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  • Any idea how long it takes for cc's to close accounts?

    When I filed I had three 0 balance credit lines. One of them, an LOC with my new bank was closed 10 days after the filing. The other two, however, an AA credit card (store card like) and a Dell Financial Services card are still open and active. It's been about a month and a half since filing. Any...
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