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  • Got a Tax Levy - What happens to Credit Score now ?

    Toda,m I found out that I owed $350 in taxes to NY state after I checked my bank statement. The NY IRS told me that they found an issue with my 2005 state taxes filing.They found the problem in Jan 2009 and sent me a bill then.

    But since I had moved from the address which was on file...
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  • I think somebody just violated the automatic stay...

    Hmm, I just checked my FICO score-watch and got a message that my score dropped. Here's why:

    1 new account was added to your credit report:

    Opened: 7/2010

    Balance: $23,377
    Credit limit or...
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  • Icandothis
    started a topic Need advice on post BK credit reports

    Need advice on post BK credit reports

    Hi all.

    My wife and I filed for CH7 bankruptcy in Sept 2009 and was discharged May 2010.

    I just pulled all our credit reports and there are some errors. I am going to send some letters and have a few questions...

    1. Should I write a letter for each error...
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  • proper pay procedure for student loan settlement

    Lcs financial has offered to settle a student loan on behalf of arrowwood indemnity for the principal balance of the loan. What is the proper way to pay this settlement offer. The letter sent to me says, I can wire the money to LCS or send a cashiers check? I just want to make sure I have proper tracking...
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  • Student loan - collection agency (post-discharge)

    I have a student loan through my school (a public University) that I owed a small amount on prior to filing BK (ch7) last year. About 2 months post-discharge I received a regular statement from the school and responded by paying 1/3 of the total balance. I never heard anything else from the school...
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  • phat2009
    started a topic Are Bar Study Loans Student Loans?

    Are Bar Study Loans Student Loans?

    Does anyone know if the private loans that law students take out to pay for housing and other living expenses for the three months while they study for the bar exam postgraduation are considered "student loans" for purpose of the BK laws that say that private "student loans" are...
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  • NEED HELP ASAP!!! CH 7 Collection Question regarding RENT and EVICTION!!

    We filed a Chapter 7 BK in March 2009. We became behind in our rent (during the automatic stay) and our landlord (well aware of the filing) took us to rent court and was issued 2 judgments which we were forced to pay in District Court. He was included as a creditor in our case and I need to know what...
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  • evafla
    started a topic bank account

    bank account

    Great forum, I study it for a while, learning so much .
    Sure, I lost my sleep to the end, but knowlege is power .

    I have many question, answer very appreciated .
    I will try ask one by one .
    Old story : huge cc debt, I already missed few payments,
    and I will...
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  • Please share your experience with collection agencies

    hi folks,

    I'm in the process of filing chapter 7, but someone suggested that I should not. And try to negotiate all my debt (the $s I owe to CC) with collection agencies.

    I owe abt 100k on CC (5 cards). What's your experience dealing with collection agencies. Generally...
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