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  • NextPhaseNow
    started a topic Chapter 13 and the aftermath

    Chapter 13 and the aftermath

    I am new to this site and am so glad I stumbled upon it. My husband and I filed back in 2014 and our last payment is later this year. I have questions since the lawyer we used doesn't seem to have too many answers.
    We have been making timely mortgage payments and just turned in our leased vehicle...
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  • backtoschool
    started a topic NFCU approved me for a 21k visa!!!!

    NFCU approved me for a 21k visa!!!!

    Okay, so I have read on other boards and on this one how bk friendly NFCU (Navy Federal Credit Union) is. I finally found a member to sponsor me and was able to join. I filled out the application and joined several weeks ago and got my visa check card and online log in and account information in the...
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  • Can I rely only on my student loans to build my credit?

    Hi everyone, I am at that point where I think it may be time to start rebuilding my credit. I currently have 2 student loans that I have never been late on and was wondering if I should try to apply for a credit card or is the student loan enough for rebuilding? My husband has no loans but did reaffirm...
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  • Question for those of you that are Post BK a few years: Credit Cards

    First off, I just wanted to share that this year I will be 6 years Post BK! I am well on my way to returning my credit to where it was Pre-BK except with a lot less debt (just checked my score yesterday and I'm at ~700). I will even be paying off my car early next month that I bought 2 months post...
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  • ssc2761
    started a topic When to apply for 2nd credit card?

    When to apply for 2nd credit card?

    Hi all, these forums are great and helped me get my reports cleaned up much as possible and get my 1st credit card to rebuild credit via Cap One. Now I have my school loan and the Cap One card. I was d/c 7/7/10 and was approved for the card 12/4/10. It said 7-10 days to receive so I don't know the...
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  • Amy26
    started a topic Navy Federal CU = Love

    Navy Federal CU = Love

    Just wanted to let everyone know that if you are eligable at all to join this CU, I highly recommend it. I do not have any military connections to get in but I am a contractor for the gov't and apparently that was enough. You can chose "contractor" then "non dod civilian" (or something...
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  • malibu
    started a topic Authorized User On Relatives Credit Card

    Authorized User On Relatives Credit Card

    I'm waiting on my discharge. Because I'm in LA county it will probably won't discharge until Feb 2011 or so.

    I live with my working godfather, and I handle all his finances. Day to day expenses, monthly expenses, investment accounts, retirement accounts, purchases, etc. I've gotten...
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  • wnguyen
    started a topic Unable to approve

    Unable to approve

    Hi everyone

    I recently discharged 3 accounts financed by GE Money (Paypal, Amazon, GE) and today I applied for another Paypal account (the offer was sent by paypal to my email) and they said "unable to approve and will give an explanation within 4 business days." Is GE Money...
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  • kymgirly
    started a topic I hate waiting

    I hate waiting

    So I gave in and decided to apply for the Capital One card. I bk'd them(less than 300) but they kept sending me offers saying that I needed to start over etc so I thought I'd give it a shot to see what would happen but I was too afraid to do the online application so I sent it throught snail mail. Does...
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  • golden37
    started a topic No where to go but up...

    No where to go but up...

    Checked my score exactly 30 days from discharge, 587 (up from 493). I have applied for Orchard Bank and was approved for $320 (weird amount?). I am starting mini goals now --clean credit report (zero bal, IIB) clear chexsystem (faxed papers 10/20 should be cleared by tomorrow per the rep), get to 620...
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  • Maquitagirl
    started a topic So is 1 enough?

    So is 1 enough?

    Is one credit card enough to build up credit. I have a $1000 hooters card. If I charge gas on that every month and pay it off each month will that bring up my credit score. Do you have to have two credit cards?

    I have my student loan that I pay on time every month so that should help...
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  • Planning to Finance - Should I be doing anything else?

    Okay, so I'm taking Logan's advice from a previous thread which was to finance a car, put down a small amount, and then use a chunk of money to make the first payment (and be sure there is no prepay penalty). That way, I will be several months ahead of my payment, actually, I think I'll be a year ahead)....
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  • Maquitagirl
    started a topic Hooters Approved

    Hooters Approved

    I got my hooters card yesterday. 16.45% interest, no AF, no monthly fee and a $1000 limit. I was so shocked beyond belief. That's better then any of my cards that I had when I had good credit.
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  • Why are secured cards never discussed as a means to rebuild credit?

    Just wondering if anyone has personal experience using a small secured credit card to re-establish credit. I don't want any of them, but if I were going to get one it would obviously be secured. Why does it always have to be a unsecured card that leaves the ability for you to get back into the same...
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  • Unsecured CCs Approved - 2 Days After Discharge

    Just in case anyone is interested. My wife & I applied for Capital One Platinum cards and Orchard Bank Mastercards this afternoon - we were just discharged on the 20th. All 4 cards were approved instantly. Cap1 cards have $39 annual fees, the HSBC cards had $49. They'll provide us decent revolving...
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