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  • MyFico to re-start offering of Experian Fico Scores

    May 8th, 2013

    FICO and Experian Renew Agreement to Provide FICO® Scores to North American Financial

    Long term agreement facilitates expanded analytics for risk management

    SAN JOSE and COSTA MESA, Calif. – May 8, 2013 – FICO (NYSE: FICO), a leading predictive...
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  • ssc2761
    started a topic Disputes are being verified incorrectly.

    Disputes are being verified incorrectly.

    Ok I have disputed with Equifax online and via phone calls. There are 3 credit card companies that are verifiying info incorrectly as charge off instead of IIB. The other 2 bureaus already corrected it to IIB. Now do I dispute via mail to Equifax or to the 3 creditors directly. I want to ask them...
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  • ryanr623
    started a topic Capital one fico.... myfico????

    Capital one fico.... myfico????

    According to, my equifax FICO is 638. I recently got approved by Cap1 for a car for 20,000, up to 72 months, zero down, 9.5% interest.

    When i got my blank check packet, it indicated that my transunion FICO was 552!?!?!? How can it be 83 points lower then my EQ FICO?
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  • Credit monitoring: May i recommend it....

    I am just about 7 months out of chapter 7 BK and I have been monitoring my credit reports very closely for the last several months.

    I have seen my scores fluctuate a bit, but mostly they have gone up thanks to numerous disputes and concerns initiated by me.

    Currently I have...
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  • ugghh
    started a topic Date Updated question

    Date Updated question

    Hello BK People... Good to be on this side of the fence as oppose to the waiting for discharge side (I think that process aged me an additional 10 years).

    I have cleaned up my report for the most part but have a question.

    I had a line of credit with a bank that was IIB....
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  • TransUnion issues? (yet another TU thread.. long post)

    Warning: long post. However, hopefully others viewing this thread in the future can get a better understanding, too.

    Ok, I just can't figure out if these things need to be cleared up or maybe nothing at all (everything's fine?). It just does not seem right to me, though. I've even...
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  • RW3
    started a topic Need some guidance with auto loan

    Need some guidance with auto loan

    Hi all,

    I am looking to purchased a used vehicle from Carmax, I've done business with them in the past and they have been great.

    I was discharged from a Chapter 7 BK in 2009, and have been approved for a loan with the following terms:

    Wells Fargo Dealer Services...
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  • mrskal
    started a topic Makes me sick to think about-

    Makes me sick to think about-

    This really has nothing to do with anything in particular, I know there is nothing I can do about it, but sometimes it makes me ill to think about it.
    I am in my early 40's, had good credit most of my life, a few times the number was lower than others. But never bad at all....
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  • 3 years since my discharge and hit 700 on my fico, decided to buy a car.....

    and went to honda and got approved with their 0.9% financing.
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  • Blueboy
    started a topic Credit Score ?

    Credit Score ?

    Could someone tell me the reason for such a difference in the one score?

    TransUnion 664
    Experian 571
    Equafax 652

    I've looked at the reports and didn't see anything different on Experian. Do they each have completely different methods of computing...
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  • mijd
    started a topic Pre BK credit score and payment history

    Pre BK credit score and payment history

    I did a search to see if this question has previously been asked. If it has, I apologize. Also, thanks in advance all replies.

    Does anyone know if your pre bk payment history will have an effect on your post bk credit score? Also will your pre pk payment history help or hinder or not...
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  • Why do people think they need to establish credit right after bankruptcy?

    Credit is what got most of us in this mess. Don't say you learned your lesson because we all know what will happen down the road. Listen to Dave Ramsey.
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  • kartoons19
    started a topic Credit Reports and Fico Score

    Credit Reports and Fico Score

    I am planning on filing chp 7 later this month. I have already used my one free credit report for the year, but would like to be able to keep tabs on my score/reports before and after the BK process. Can anyone recommend a service for doing this? I know there are a lot of them out there. Or is it...
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  • teerx79
    started a topic Who's on the hook?

    Who's on the hook?

    I was divorced a year ago and she got the house with all the debt attached. She was also "awarded" custody of her and her son's vehicles. She was ordered to get these and many other things refinanced to "hold me harmless".

    Well she hasn't and creditors are contacting...
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