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  • skof2017
    started a topic can disputes hurt your bankruptcy Chapter 7

    can disputes hurt your bankruptcy Chapter 7

    can disputes hurt your bankruptcy...

    Hi I have over 35 purchase dispute and its over the 3 years period of time. does it consider as fraud and can i be charge as fraud from the creditors ( the credit card people example american express, a Barclay, City).
    I stuck with this i have...
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  • stanpendula
    started a topic Abandoned Property Fraudulently Rented

    Abandoned Property Fraudulently Rented

    Our BK was discharged in July 2011 and the case was closed in July 2013 (!), after more the 2 1/2 years. All this time we were renting (property abandoned in October 2010), but on paper showing as proud owners of a house in Scottsdale. Finally in June 2013, BofA stated the foreclosure process and...
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  • chicago513
    started a topic What to expect in Foreclosure and Bankruptcy?

    What to expect in Foreclosure and Bankruptcy?

    Hi, I’ve read through a lot of the threads looking for the same type of situation as me but of course it seems that everyone’s situation is a little bit different. I’m really looking for some advice from some people who’ve been through this or are currently in the process. My wife and I have...
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  • friendly
    started a topic Preferrence - Friendly Creditor - Collusion?

    Preferrence - Friendly Creditor - Collusion?

    Hello All,

    Question for you... but let me firts summarize the salient points...

    1. Debtor has a note payable to bank for $400k dating back several years.
    2. Note is secured by debtor residence (primary) in 2nd TD position
    3. Home is underwater. At market...
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  • Debtor performing BK Fraud and Abuse to avoid Creditors questions

    Long Sotry-Big Mess...
    Im currently a Creditor from a Debtor who was a former Landlord who intentionally STOLE my security deposit. I have a judgement in Small Claims Court, but she has been fraudulently abusing the BK system to avoid Creditors and lie, steal and cheat her way through life! I...
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  • willdufauve
    started a topic Maximum Lookback for Objections?

    Maximum Lookback for Objections?

    On unsecured Credit Card debt, especially luxury purchases, BK7, clearly outside the 90/70 rule, way beyond the 6 month there a maximum lookback time that the CC company can go to object to the purchase? I think I read somewhere there's statutory limit of 2 years?
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  • If my primary residence is foreclosed on, can they also take my other properties?

    Ok, so my primary residence was foreclosed on. I also have a 2nd property I use for a rental property of which I own 100% outright (although I do have a HELOC out on the condo, but I have the deed in my posession and in my name and have never missed a HELOC payment). It was vacant for the month of...
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  • 20/20 Hindsight and Misrepresented Income

    So I'm kicking around an issue, looking backwards, and wondering if it'll bite me in the rumpage. I'm worried it'll look suspicious to creditors and could use some input from others who may have insight...

    I applied for several CCs in mid-2008. I was out of work at the time (left my...
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  • HeritageMom
    started a topic Debtor stole money and now wants discharge!

    Debtor stole money and now wants discharge!

    My sister stole money that was intrusted to her to buy my home, she was my realtor, used it to remodel her home. She filed for bankruptcy and included the $30,000.00 she took from me in her petition at the last minute, just 5 day prior to her 341 meeting. She also did it to my brother for $10,000...
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  • rlcinjustice
    started a topic Bankruptcy fraud? Opinions please.

    Bankruptcy fraud? Opinions please.

    Hello, first post.

    Without going into all details, a married couple filed jointly for chptr 7 protection in Eastern distric California court. Discharged approx. 1 year ago.

    Wife failed to disclose existing court ordered child support income of $1,000 month.

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  • Ambercrombie
    started a topic Transfered House Before Filing

    Transfered House Before Filing

    About 5 years ago, my sister and her husband were buying a house but my brother-in-law's credit was bad and mine was good so I co-signed with my sister. My name was on the mortgage and the title. I never paid or received any money for this, never lived there, and never claimed it on any taxes - I...
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  • crazychristo
    started a topic CitiBank


    After much consideration my wife and I decided to have our bankruptcy dismissed and work with our creditors to settle our debt. AmEX worked very well with us as did Bank of America. CitiBank was very difficult. I talked with them 25 times and felt like I was finally making some progress. Then I...
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  • steak
    started a topic Thinking of filing..

    Thinking of filing..

    My wife and I are planning to file chapter 13..The only problem that I have is that I might have some accounts that might be considered fraud. No transferring of assets or anything like that. I just spent and balance transferred. I opened about 40k in credit cards back in 2006. Some of the cards I didn't...
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  • steve2008
    started a topic Chapter 13 Advice.

    Chapter 13 Advice.

    Can anyone please give me and my wife some good orderly advice on this Chapter 13 mess we see happening before our very eyes on paper with the crazy numbers reported by one of our creditors.

    Me and my wife filed a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in April 2006 in Shreveport La.The case is for...
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