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  • HELP: Homestead exemption - Assest Protection - Advice (Florida)

    Ive had consulted with different attorneys but have not gotten a direct answer.

    My current situation is the following:


    - I am unemployed and looking for work.

    - I have the second mortgage (wells fargo) from...
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  • isasauce
    started a topic Claiming homestead in different state?

    Claiming homestead in different state?

    I've already talked to my attorney about this, but I wanted to see if anybody here has some thoughts before I get a second legal opinion.

    I'm a WA resident, getting prepared to file ch7, and attempting to keep the family home I own in AL. There's no mortgage; owned free and clear. Current...
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  • JenniG
    started a topic When the homestead is NOT exempt

    When the homestead is NOT exempt

    My husband and I filed bankruptcy recently and were told by our attorney that our home would be exempt. We then had the meeting with the trustee and soon after found out that the trustee is arguing that our home is not exempt because we purchased the home in Nov 2007 and some of our debts were existing...
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  • tsato84
    started a topic To sell the house or not?

    To sell the house or not?

    Hi everyone,

    My parents are filing for chapter 7 to completely dissolve a restaurant business and to dissolve personal debts of their own which they have accrued over the years to keep the business going. As a last ditch effort to try and find a buyer for the restaurant theyre currently...
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  • doomed
    started a topic Your thoughts . .

    Your thoughts . .

    So . . some of you may remember we found out at our 341 we wouldn't be able to use federal exemptions, and would have to use the ones for the state of Maine. This put us in a position to lose our nearly $6k in savings. Well today, FINALLY, our lawyer is actually filing for us in the state of maine...
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  • Homestead and bankruptcy pre planning. Is this legal?

    As i have stated i retained an attorney(whom is not answering my emails about these things) to file chapter 7. I have the house i live in as declared homestead, but im putting it up on the chopping block. I also have 2 parcels of land, one 20 acre piece that im gonna give to the trustee, and another...
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  • How much money should I have on Hand the Day I file using Federal???

    Just want to make sure I have enough to live on till my next paycheck in two weeks
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  • Christie
    started a topic Buying a house with inheritance $ before filing

    Buying a house with inheritance $ before filing

    Hi! Looking for some specific advice for our situation. We are in Pa and we had decided to file chapter 7. Just as we made our decision my mother-in-law became very sick and passed away. As we were handling all that we put filing on hold. It turns out that we are receiving an inheritance from her pension....
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  • What About Changing Homestead to a Different State?

    I live in Florida where a homestead is exempt, but I will not be able to afford my home once I file bankruptcy and lose my business.

    Florida says you can sell your home and put the equity in a separate account to be used exclusively to purchase another homestead, and the new home will...
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  • haggerty
    started a topic Do we want the trustee to sell our house?

    Do we want the trustee to sell our house?

    Background: My husband has a serious long-term illness (dementia). We have about $150K of equity in our home, only one mortgage.

    Our realtor has had our house on the market for nearly seven months -- not a single offer, despite slashing the price drastically several times as I wanted...
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