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  • jtt
    started a topic Help with my situation

    Help with my situation

    I am a Wisconsin resident.

    When I was 18 (6 years ago) I incurred a lot of debt (credit cards, etc.) and basically just let it ride (ignoring phone calls for this whole time). I made a few attempts to get out of this hole, but no matter what I tried, I fell behind. The phone calls kept...
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  • a creditor's lawyer asked for a copy of my filing documents... should I be worried?

    Hello everyone, i logged on to pacer and saw a request from a lawyer to the court requesting filing documents.. I then googled his name and it looks like he represents one of my creditors. is he just fishing for stuff? or is there something else?

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  • Creditor filed Non-discharge motion 61 days after 341 hearing

    What should I do? My 341 hearing date was March 10th. The creditor filed a non-discharge motion on May 10th. Since there's 31 days in March, May 10th is actually 61 days from my 341 hearing date. May 10th is also the deadline specified on the bankruptcy form, but that seems like a mistake.
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  • qsr
    started a topic 341 in the books today

    341 in the books today

    I had my 341 today. It was a painless experience for me, but I can't say that's true for everyone. The lady before me was a Pro Se (like I am), but she didn't do her homework very well beforehand. She apparently had $3500 sitting in a bank account that wasn't exempt before she filed. The trustee...
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  • ForeverBK13
    started a topic Surrendering small car for an SUV

    Surrendering small car for an SUV

    Just found this forum and immediately signed up,lots of great info here!
    My situation is 4 months into my confirmed 13,my wife and I decided to surrender my g35 coupe and try to buy an SUV that will hold the whole family. My lawyer tells me the lender has not filed a claim for the g35 and that...
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  • htownvideo
    started a topic How To Light A Fire under the trustee chp 7

    How To Light A Fire under the trustee chp 7

    Ok so here is the long and short of it..

    So I am technically a creditor in a bankruptcy involving my sister.

    Here is the long.. My mother died back in 2005 my sister was the benifactor of the life insurance policy since she was the executor of the estate..
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  • BK lawyer in CHICAGO? Any input/advice appreciated...

    Hi all! I've been "stalking" this forum for about a month now, and I can't believe how much I've learned already. (Thank you!!!)... At this point, though, I'm afraid of spending the next YEAR poring over these threads and never getting my butt into an attorney's office!

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  • arameth
    started a topic being shaken down by BK lawyer...

    being shaken down by BK lawyer...

    So my wife's CH7 filing is going fairly well...had some bumps at 341 meeting (lawyer didn't even bother to show...sent some stranger to stand in for him, and US trustee was pretty harsh), but we're past that. I think we have another week before she is at the magic 61 day mark (and hopefully gets discharge...
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  • paulka
    started a topic Chapter 7 - questions on what to bring to Lawyer

    Chapter 7 - questions on what to bring to Lawyer

    I will be filing Chapter 7. I'm a no asset case. I'm going to start the process of looking for an attorney soon, but I had some quick questions about what to bring with me to the consults..

    I owe a lot of money to MANY different collection agencies for old credit cards and hospital bills......
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