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  • NextPhaseNow
    started a topic No loans after discharge?

    No loans after discharge?

    My discharge was official in mid December. I applied for a loan at my local bank yesterday. I was told today that the lender they use (which I thought would've been the bank itself) has denied my application since the bankruptcy was so new. For the loan, I was putting up my car, which I own ouright,...
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  • USA Funds cancelled the offset to collect my tax return. BUT...

    I've already finished my taxes this year. My tax return's current status shows that an offset has been applied and intercepted my tax return. USA FUNDS sent me a letter stating they have sent a request to the government to cancel the offset since I just consolidated my loans and...
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  • Successful mortgage right after discharge?

    I've got two months left in my 60 month chapter 13 plan and I'm really looking forward to buying a house. My mortgage guy thinks he can get a conventional loan since my income, job history, and credit score are pretty good. Has anyone here actually been able to get a non-fha loan right after discharge?...
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  • stanpendula
    started a topic Can I tap into my 401k ...

    Can I tap into my 401k ...

    ... after discharge, but while the case is still open? I want to buy a house with a loan from my 401k.
    Do I have to tell the trustee ? My case is an Asset case .

    Thank you.
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  • Can you pay out of pocket for educational expenses?

    Not sure if this goes here or under a thread for ‘allowable expenses’.

    Was approved for 4K of student loans. 2K disbursed already, but 2K will disburse this winter. I plan for filing Chap 13 in the next month. I’m not concerned about getting my additional 2K disbursed, but...
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  • nicole1969
    started a topic Refinance Mortgage brokers?

    Refinance Mortgage brokers?

    I read online today that there are brokers that you can hire that will find banks willing to offer a refinance (so they basically do a lot of the work for you.) Has anyone on this board used a broker like this before? We are trying to refinance our house and have been turned down by two places.
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  • worldgirl28
    started a topic Filing Chp 7 in FL - question about my car

    Filing Chp 7 in FL - question about my car

    Hello - I am getting ready to file Chapter 7 (by myself - finances don't permit me to afford a lawyer). I am single, do not own any real property, have less than $1,000 in household goods/assets, and I am still making payments on my car. Here's my question: regarding my car, I owe $7,600 on it and Kelly...
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  • Dorsey
    started a topic Reaffirmation


    What prevents a debtor from reentering into a loan agreement with a lender post-discharge? I see a lot of people here worried that they won't be permitted to reaffirm a car loan and that their lender won't do a ride-through. So what prevents a debtor and a lender from simply signing a new loan agreement...
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  • After BK 13 Completion - when/How does it get updated on my credit report?

    Last week my BK 13 status changed to complete and a closed date was assigned for 1/6/2011. YIPEEE

    Few questions:

    1) How long until the big 3 (EQ, Experian, Trans . . ) are updated that my BK is closed?

    2) How will I know my credit reports have been updated...
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  • Michaelh
    started a topic New Mortgage Before Foreclosure?

    New Mortgage Before Foreclosure?

    First and foremost, I want to say thanks to each and everyone of you. Reading your posts really helped me through the c7 process.

    A little background... I was discharged yesterday. I did not reaffirm my home and I have always been current. My post BK credit score is a 641. I applied...
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  • cole1977
    started a topic Loan Modification Question Please Help!

    Loan Modification Question Please Help!

    We had our 341 meeting a couple of weeks ago. So far in Pacer it states "341 held and concluded" and "Awaiting discharge" So hopefully things are moving as they should. Anyways, we planned on not keeping the house because it is underwater by about $65,000.

    We have...
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  • ForeverBK13
    started a topic Surrendering small car for an SUV

    Surrendering small car for an SUV

    Just found this forum and immediately signed up,lots of great info here!
    My situation is 4 months into my confirmed 13,my wife and I decided to surrender my g35 coupe and try to buy an SUV that will hold the whole family. My lawyer tells me the lender has not filed a claim for the g35 and that...
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  • Loan Repaid to Family Member 8 months < BK:Trustee claims Preferential Payment

    A Chapter 7 Debtor filed her bankruptcy petition in May, 2009 .

    Several years before her bankruptcy was filed, she had taken a $50,000 loan from a Family Member (her Mom). The loan became due in October, 2008. In October, 2008, per the agreement, she paid the Family Member back the $50,000...
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  • simon2020
    started a topic Apply for. 401-k loan

    Apply for. 401-k loan

    Hi all - ok so here's the scoop. I got confirmed a month ago and In my confirming order it does not mention anything about not applying for additional credit, etc. Now before everyone takes out their pitch forks and torches let me explain the scenario.

    1. I have a 401-k account at...
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  • Non US Student with debt in the US

    Hi all.

    Thanks a lot for reading this. I came to the US two years ago to do a Master's program. I got a loan from Citi, for US $150,000.

    Now with the economic downturn, I'm not able to get a job, and because I'm not a US citizen or permanent resident, I will have to leave...
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