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USA Funds cancelled the offset to collect my tax return. BUT...

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    USA Funds cancelled the offset to collect my tax return. BUT...

    I've already finished my taxes this year. My tax return's current status shows that an offset has been applied and intercepted my tax return. USA FUNDS sent me a letter stating they have sent a request to the government to cancel the offset since I just consolidated my loans and am no longer in default. Can the offset be reversed after my taxes have been completed?

    Hi everyone!

    I have been looking all over the net and cannot find the answers I'm looking for. Hopefully you can help. I've been to busy to call the IRS during their business hours.
    After years of ignoring my student loan re-payment nightmare, my last 2 tax returns have been offset and just recently my wages have been garnished. I knew my tax return would again be intercepted this year but I finally did the research and learned what I needed to do to fix the mess I've been in for some time now (Why I decided to do this now AND at tax season? I don't know). I consolidated and applied for the Income Based Re-Payment Plan. I've been approved to consolidate with Navient and now I'm just waiting on my Income Based Re-Payment application to be approved.
    Here is the problem... I always do my taxes ASAP and because of this, my taxes are now done and an offset has taken all of my tax return this year. I believe everything was completed February 10th. I've received the offset letters that they send out, and when I call the hotline, it tells me that my tax return has been intercepted by the DOE.
    Just recently after all is said and done with my taxes, I receive a letter from USA FUNDS stating that they have requested that the federal government suspend their previous request to intercept any federal payments from me. So since my loans are no longer in default and everything is current, I must have consolidated in just the nick of time? It mentions the extensive process of the DOE having to contact the Dept. of Treasury etc. to cancel the offset etc. and it could take many weeks
    Will I still receive my refund even though it's already been filed and the refund has been offset? Did a make the mistake by filing too early? Anyone familiar enough with this process? I greatly appreciate any comments.

    Thank you!
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