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  • Florida Mortgage Modification: Dual Tracking as a Double-Cross

    July 16, 2011

    Homeowners facing foreclosure should consider all of their debt relief options, including bankruptcy.

    The foreclosure system is clogged, both in Florida and across country. There have already been huge numbers of foreclosures, and there are so many in the pipeline,...
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  • jlynn275
    started a topic Delaying Foreclosure - Loan Mods and stuff

    Delaying Foreclosure - Loan Mods and stuff

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving

    I have received my petition from attorney and currently reviewing and coming up with the rest of the money to file (which I will have Friday). So filing date is scheduled for Monday, the 6th (hubby's bday - ha ha). I'm excited more than...
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  • kriptik
    started a topic Mortgage modification

    Mortgage modification

    Has anyone REALLY got a mortgage modification. I tried and got rejected. Not 4 days after receiving that letter and talking with the bank, I get another packet telling me to apply for a modification. WTH??? The last time the reduction was a joke just a $100 decrease) and I cashed outsome of my 401k...
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  • Still Awaiting Chap 7 Discharge and Bank was Granted Termination Of Automatic Stay

    Hello everyone,

    I could really use some advice. I filed Chap 7 on March 24, 2010. Since filing we fell behind on mortage payments. We are currently 3 months behind and owe a total of $5700. Truthfully, we want to keep the house and on our application we had the house excluded- but I...
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  • onthebrink
    started a topic Loan Modification Questions

    Loan Modification Questions

    I want to look into loan modification as a first option before I consider filing BK. I have been told it is extremely difficult to get a loan modification if one has filed for BK. I have two questions:

    1. I have been told that you significantly increase the probability of getting a loan...
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  • What's Your Position on SB 94 - CA Bill Establishes Can't Trust Lawyers

    Here's my argument against... and I have nothing further... do you? Please... I really want to know your position on this. Thanks...

    [url]removed...ask permission before simply promoting your blog, please post a link to the bill instead, thank you [url]
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  • simon2020
    started a topic Stop paying mortgage

    Stop paying mortgage

    Long story short.

    Started loan mod process 1/2009

    Bank took forever to even respond back with an offer.

    Filed for ch 13 April 2009

    Confirmed plan June 2009

    Mortgage held outside the plan

    Mortgage co. would not...
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  • sguerra923
    started a topic Loan Modifications

    Loan Modifications

    Has anyone successfully complete and loan mod on there home? I'm hearing all this ads on paper etc.. however I know there's a lot of fraud too..
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  • Anyone have a successful Loan Mod with Countrywide recently?

    Has anyone on here successfully completed a loan modification on a fixed rate mortgage with Countrywide?

    They are the worst servicer by far.

    I called my investor, Freddie Mac directly and they said I qualify for a 40 yr term with a reduced interest rate that would lower...
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