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  • Really nervous about my 341 b/c of gambling and new job

    So I filed in November and have my 341 later this month for a joint Chapter 7 with my wife. We have no real assets, other than 2 cars. No real estate. A significant amount of unsecured debt, combination of credit cards, payday loans, credit lines, etc. We haven't used any credit for several months...
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  • Got a new job need to adjust plan and lawyer won't respond

    So I got an amazing new job I am thrilled! I will be making 30% more !!
    Here is my issue...... I am NOT in a 100% payback right now.... my plan clearly states that I must give the trustee all increases in pay, bonuses etc, etc, and I am OK with that... It is my debt and I should...
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  • And of course the unexpected happens...possible job offer pre 341

    Great, had everything panned out, all ducks in a row, everything fitting properly...and now, out of the blue a very large financial institution called me out of the blue, did a prescreen this monring and already has me set up, with hiring manager's ok, for a management final interview and assessment...
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  • should I tell potential employer?

    I filed Chap 7 and was discharged a few months ago. Since then I started a job search and was formally offered a new job this week. By formally I mean they emailed me the offer letter. The letter states there will be a background check.

    My questions is this - do I tell them about the...
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  • empireforest
    started a topic New credit card. Trouble?

    New credit card. Trouble?

    I just started a new consulting job. They are getting me a company credit card to use while I travel. The bill will come directly to them, so they should not need a credit application from me. Will they see my bankruptcy (filed last year)?
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  • cwilliams
    started a topic New - filing Chapter 7 next week

    New - filing Chapter 7 next week

    My dh and I have been running from this as long as we can and we can't run anymore. We entered a CCCS DMP program last July and now cannot make the payments. We owe over $20K on credit cards, over $75K on our house and another $45-$50K on student loans. I know the student loans won't go away, but without...
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