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  • USA Funds cancelled the offset to collect my tax return. BUT...

    I've already finished my taxes this year. My tax return's current status shows that an offset has been applied and intercepted my tax return. USA FUNDS sent me a letter stating they have sent a request to the government to cancel the offset since I just consolidated my loans and...
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  • Can filing stop Treasury Offset for student loan and TSP withdraw?

    Greetings all,

    I have 2 federal debts - Back taxes and a student loan. Both of them have enlisted help from the "TOP" (federal Treasury Offset Program). I have read that Department of Education and/or the loan lender have to cease collection efforts while my Chapter 7 case is...
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  • PNC checking account BOA credit card offset question

    I have a Mastercard formerly issued by PNC Bank but sold off to Bank Of America several years ago. Bedsides the fact that I have make electronic payments in the past from that checking account do I have to be concerned about BOA making an offset withdrawal due to the card originating with PNC?
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