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  • jgeddes
    started a topic About to file Chapter 7 Pro Se

    About to file Chapter 7 Pro Se

    Ive been browsing this forum for a bit now it has been a godsend. . I can honestly say that his forum has given me the courage I needed to commit myself to getting out from underneath. The collective expertise here is astounding and the personal accounts have been compelling.

    I'm hoping...
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  • 4bees
    started a topic Pro-se, Auto-stay, Sallie Mae

    Pro-se, Auto-stay, Sallie Mae

    Since filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy pro-se in December, I was under the understanding that an automatic stay entered into place whereby a creditor is required to cease collection efforts against me. Since that time, I have been receiving non-stop calls and letters from Sallie Mae and their guaranty...
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  • Trudy
    started a topic Question: Reaffirmation for Car loan?

    Reaffirmation for Car loan?

    Hi Everyone,

    I have been reading the forum for several months and some of the advise I've taken has been very helpful, so thanks a bunch!

    I filed C7 pro se (in NJ) and so far, things have gone well. Today we received a Discharge of Debtor Notice that said "It appears...
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