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  • Discharged!!!!!! To all those who weighed in about passing the Ch. 7 means test...

    I checked pacer and also got confirmation from my attorney: I'm discharged as of last week!!!!! I'm so, so relieved.

    As some of you might recall, there was a discussion on here before I filed about how I could possibly pass the means test... a few peeps here were certain my case would...
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  • Peritus Portfolio Services - anyone ever deal with them?

    I have a car that was under a ch 13 and now we are converting to a ch 7.

    I was wondering if anyone had dealings with this finance company? Thanks!
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  • tls
    started a topic Reaffirm/modify???


    I posted this under sticky but need a quick response, so I am reposting here...

    I was planning to reaffirm my mortgage, but after reading through this forum (what a great resource!), I understand I don't have to and probably shouldn't. I live in Illinois and I want to keep my house. That...
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  • fatjay
    started a topic Rule 4008-1 Reaffirmation | US Bankruptcy Court

    Rule 4008-1 Reaffirmation | US Bankruptcy Court

    can someone please explain this rule to me...does this mean that I have to sign the reaff document?

    Thank you
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  • Question about Ford Motor Credit & Lack of Reaffirmation Agreement

    I posted here about this situation a couple of weeks ago, but now I need some more information. Recap: We filed BK7 in August, discharged 12/1. At our 341 meeting we signed a Reaffirmation Agreement with Ford Motor Credit & our attorney forwarded it to Ford for filing with the court. It somehow...
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  • 2nd Mortgage becomes unsecured because home value only equal to 1st Mortgage?

    I am preparing to file a Chapter 7. Would I be able to keep the house if ONLY the 2nd Mortgage was discharged and the 1st was reaffirmed? The total owed 245k on the home. Current value is 145k and 145k is owed on the 1st mortgage. The second mortgage is 100k.
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  • What happens to me if I never signed an agreement to reaffirm my mortgage?

    I declared Chapter 7 BK in Feb, 2007, discharged in May 2007. I kept making my mortgage payments trying so hard to keep my home. Applied for HAMP and was told I qualified and had my first mortgage payment lowered $266 a month. Paid that on time for 9 months. Called the mortgage company monthly to...
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  • symancm
    started a topic After Chapter 7 Discharge Ride Through

    After Chapter 7 Discharge Ride Through

    My wife and I just received our Chapter 7 discharge last month in state of GA. We have a vehicle financed through Honda that we did not reaffirm and did a ride through. We are way upside down but kept it as we felt it was our best option for a reliable vehicle.

    My wife's parents are...
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  • Re-affirmed (not signed) house we can't afford

    We never had any luck trying to get a loan mod, HAMP or assistance with a professional loan mod company.

    We filed BK and it was discharged last month. On the BK paperwork, we said we intended to keep ("reaffirm") the house. The bank never sent reaffirmation paperwork and so...
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  • trouble1
    started a topic Reaffirmation Hearing??

    Reaffirmation Hearing??

    Is a reaffirmation hearing mandatory to reaffirm a vehicle? We received a reaffirmation agreement with the lender which we are going to sign and our lawyer is signing off on too. I wasn't sure but since our lawyer also signed it, will there still be a reaffirmation hearing or will we not have to go...
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  • trouble1
    started a topic Auton Reaffirmation question - Bank of America

    Auton Reaffirmation question - Bank of America

    We received a letter from our lawyer today that Bank of America has said that we are required to sign a reaffirmation agreement in order to keep our car. In the letter my lawyer says "the secured creditor may be able to repossess the vehicle if you do not reaffirm, but if you are current (which...
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  • Lolo
    started a topic Second Mortgage Reaffirmation

    Second Mortgage Reaffirmation

    My wife is filing for chapter 7 personal bankruptcy. She has run her own business, set up as an S Corporation, for over 10 years but now has accumulated enough debt that it doesn't make sense to continue operating the company based on the declining revenue. Most debt is credit cards, but some are...
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  • nichole04
    started a topic filing ch 7 this week need help fast!

    filing ch 7 this week need help fast!

    I hope someone can help me with this question. We are filing ch 7 at the end of the week and our attorney informed us last night that we we try to reaffirm our house the UST is going to play nasty hardball since we are a good bit over the median but we qualify on the means test. We were going to check...
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  • clamp
    started a topic Is Oregon a ride-through / keep and pay state?

    Is Oregon a ride-through / keep and pay state?

    I filed pro-se and don't plan to reaffirm my vehicle unless they'll re-negotiate... otherwise, I just planned to retain and keep payments current... where in our state statutes would i find if Oregon is a ride-through state... i just want to make sure they can't still reposses if i don't reaffirm but...
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  • Discharged, now what? & home reaffirmation question

    I have a feeling this means I'm all done, but I'm not sure ...

    Today I opened a letter stating "Discharge of Debtor" dated 10:29/08.

    Does that mean I'm all done?

    1. What do I do if someone is still calling me about debts (I think it's illegal &...
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