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  • Egrain
    started a topic Curious about Mortgage

    Curious about Mortgage

    We filed a Ch. 7 BK and last Jan (2010) and was discharged in March with no hitches. We made full mortgage payments all through the proceedings and have continued to make our normal monthly payment. We plan on continuing to do this. However we did not reaffirm with the mortgage Co and they are not reporting...
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  • Why reaffirming a mortgage is a very, very bad idea.

    To all of the members and guests of this Forum:

    I know a lot of you disagree with my belief that one should never reaffirm a mortgage. Many of you believe that it is in your best interest to reaffirm, thinking that such will help “improve” your credit score. I now want to point out...
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  • Chapter 7 - not i understanding this correctly?

    if you don't reaffirm a mortgage in Chapter 7, you are released from the mortgage once discharged?? but the title of the property is still in your name until the lender this correct?? no mortgage in your name from the point of discharge to the point the titles are transfered to new...
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  • Clyde
    started a topic Modification after chapter 7 discharge

    Modification after chapter 7 discharge

    I filed chapter 7 . It was discharged last August ,but the case has not closed yet.My modification of my first mortgage was approved by the mortgage company last August, but they will not complete it until the case is closed.My Wife and I are both listed on the mortgage,only I filed Bankruptcy.Will...
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  • amei
    started a topic Not Reaffirming - Long Term Effects

    Not Reaffirming - Long Term Effects

    I spoke with the attorney and right now due to a huge SBA loan, its best not to reaffirm, however the goal is to stay in the house for a few years, let the kids finish high school (there is an interest only first mortgage) and then at that point buy another house and walk away if necessary as the mortgage...
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