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  • 4bees
    started a topic Pro-se, Auto-stay, Sallie Mae

    Pro-se, Auto-stay, Sallie Mae

    Since filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy pro-se in December, I was under the understanding that an automatic stay entered into place whereby a creditor is required to cease collection efforts against me. Since that time, I have been receiving non-stop calls and letters from Sallie Mae and their guaranty...
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  • chaiserpup
    started a topic Federal Student Loans

    Federal Student Loans

    Hello First timer, out of WA State.

    So doing my first, and last BK 7.

    Are Federal and Private Student Loans considered consumer debt loans ?
    And do I list these under Schedule-E Creditors Holding Unsecured Priority Claims or
    Schedule-F Creditors Holding...
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  • VA Chapter 13 - Unclear information regarding student loans on credit reports

    I have been on a payment plan for two years now on my Chapter 13 filed in VA. Student loans are part of my plan. I had two student loans one is $9,800 and the other $68K and were AES loans. I recently checked my credit report and there are a few things that are very strange. First, it looks as if they...
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  • curiousMind
    started a topic Class Actions Against Sallie Mae

    Class Actions Against Sallie Mae

    I am just so disgusted with how this company has been operating. Has anyone joined any class actions against Sallie Mae.

    The two major ones I know of right now are these:

    1) jameshoyer dot com


    2) arthurtcpasettlement dot com (Sallie...
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  • nc73
    started a topic Sallie Mae update

    Sallie Mae update

    So I was trying to get a settlement from Sallie Mae after BK but that wasn't possible as the loan was transferred after my chapter 7 discharge. In any case Allied Interstate called wanting their money. I said sure just send me a settlement letter. They said it was sent 30 days ago to my Texas address....
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  • stressedinmn
    started a topic Sallie Mae on Pacer

    Sallie Mae on Pacer

    If student loans are not dischargeable does anyone know why my Sallie Mae loan is showing up as a claim on Pacer?
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  • nc73
    started a topic Does Sallie Mae settle for less than full amount?

    Does Sallie Mae settle for less than full amount?

    Anyone know for sure? I've heard of some getting an offer for a lot less than the full amount. I haven't paid them in over 2 years and it didn't even show as defaulted. It only said delinquent before going into BK.
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  • If you have Sallie Mae, you might want to check your credit report!

    My main reason for posting is to let anyone with Sallie Mae loans know that they might want to check their credit reports because this has totally killed the credit ratings of several people. After our discharge in September, our credit reports were starting to look pretty good. But...I was denied...
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