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  • I have several questions about a bankruptcy involving 2 LLCs with 2 members declaring

    Hello and thanks in advance for any help you can give me. Im an avid forumer and like to write. Hopefully I dont need write here that often, LOL, but I will stick around and let everyone knows what happened. Sorry for my sentence and paragraph structure and grammer, im tired from all the moving and...
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  • kpminn
    started a topic The Bank is shutting us down

    The Bank is shutting us down

    My bank has stopped my funding and I am closing my business after 22 years and selling the assets to pay the bank. I will keep the Accounts Receivable and will use them and the additional funds from the sale to pay creditors. They should receive .30 per $$. I will file CH 7 if any of the creditors...
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  • clamp
    started a topic Tools of Trade - Furniture

    Tools of Trade - Furniture

    I am a sole proprietor for a publishing business... the only 5 things I ABSOLUTELY need to operate my business are my two computers and the graphics software, my desk/chair, phone and vehicle.... when i'm not out selling advertising, I'm at my home office doing sales over the phone or doing the graphics...
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  • Restaurant and Bar (S-Corp) filing BK

    After reading through your forums, I must say, you seem to be a pretty helpful lot. Well, here goes: We own a restaurant and bar in Pennsylvania and have seen our business decline 25-30% in the past few months of this recession. We've accumulated about $125,000 in debt to vendors and a cc company (the...
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