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  • Statute of Limitations on Debt Collection State by State

    Statute of Limitations

    "The statute of limitations has been designed to stop legal action against debts that are too old according to the US Federal Government. The statutes are different for different types of contracts and where you live. We have organized the types of contracts...
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  • How long can these score killers remain on your credit reports?

    May 2, 2011

    So you’ve made some credit mistakes. With over 35% of the population scoring below 650 on the FICO scoring scale, you’re certainly not alone. But now that you’ve made the mistake, how long are you going to have to live with it?

    Each and every negative...
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  • Received judgment a year ago but nothing has happened since?!

    Hi everyone,
    I haven't been on here in FOREVER but wanted to just leave a quick note. I was sued in March 2010 and received a judgment against me for just under 5K. Nothing has happened since. Never received any word from the court after the judgment was filed. Never received any paperwork....
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  • KeithDoxen
    started a topic Private Loans and Statutes of Limitations

    Private Loans and Statutes of Limitations

    There is lots of misinformation out there about whether or not student loans are subject to state statutes of limitations. The answer is that some are and others are not, and of course the student loan companies have done their best to confuse everyone on this topic. Let's first look at federal law...
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