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  • Creditor has filed Motion for Relief From Stay for my car loan -- what next?

    I couldn't find my exact situation on the forum anywhere. I stopped making car payments a few months ago. After several collections calls, she gave me the ultimatum. Either I make a payment arrangement or they're going to have to come get the car. I told her I couldn't. "Do you want us to...
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  • Justpoor
    started a topic Relief of Stay in Florida

    Relief of Stay in Florida


    My home has been in foreclosure since February. I filed BK chapt 7 on 9/30. Wells Fargo wants to lift the stay. Does this mean I should prepare to move soon?

    Thanks for all of your help
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  • elmoze
    started a topic Automatic Stay on Garnishment

    Automatic Stay on Garnishment

    A garnishment was scheduled to be taken out of my paycheck. However, I filed bankruptcy (Chapt. 7) and forwarded the petition information to my payroll department. I thought that this would stop the garnishment. However, when I received my paycheck the garnishment was taken out!

    I thought...
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  • steve2008
    started a topic Chapter 13 Advice.

    Chapter 13 Advice.

    Can anyone please give me and my wife some good orderly advice on this Chapter 13 mess we see happening before our very eyes on paper with the crazy numbers reported by one of our creditors.

    Me and my wife filed a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in April 2006 in Shreveport La.The case is for...
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