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  • Where2start
    started a topic Over my head in taxes

    Over my head in taxes

    So I'm currently trying to help my mother navigate her financial troubles and I'm at a loss. She hasn't filled taxes since 2007 and the irs has been garnishing the majority of her wedges for past 3 years. After learning this news a few days ago we called them and set up a payment plan to reduce the...
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  • Revisting the Questions of What to Do When you Rec 1099A and 1099Cs

    if you settled a debt on a home or with a lender most likely you will rec one of two types of forms from the bank and or lender/creditor.

    in some cases where property is involved one may receive both form 1099-A (Acquisition or Abandonment of Secured Property) and form 1099-C (Cancellation...
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  • atrain55
    started a topic Should I receive a 1099s?

    Should I receive a 1099s?

    My previous and first post was about my condo that I had in AZ (thanks to those who helped!). I'll keep this short and sweet with bullet points to keep it concise.

    - Bought a condo in AZ for 127k in 02/2005 and lived there until 03/2006
    - Moved back to CA and rented it out a few...
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    started a topic Chapter 13 and Income Tax Refund Questions

    Chapter 13 and Income Tax Refund Questions

    Hello everyone. I will try and make this short and to the point. I need some information.
    We are a married couple with 4 children. Hubby works. I am a homemaker. He claims married and 10 for deductions with his employer (could be married and 12...i forget which) anyway...we are due a refund...
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  • If I file Jan 3 2011 will I have to file 2010's taxes right away?

    My BK Court is closed on New Year's Eve. Paralegal may not be able to get docs to me til Friday so i'll have to file on Monday Jan 3rd. Think I will be required to file 2010's taxes to bring a t 341 meeting?
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