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  • drayton
    started a topic 341 Date and a few Preliminary Questions

    341 Date and a few Preliminary Questions

    First, just wanted to say a huge thank you to this forums posters. I have been lurking/learning for a good amount of time. I'm happy to say our case has been filed for 7 on 1/7/12 and now it's time to ask the experts! (Yes, I will ask my attorney, but I respect all of your thoughts as well)
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  • Michaelh
    started a topic New Mortgage Before Foreclosure?

    New Mortgage Before Foreclosure?

    First and foremost, I want to say thanks to each and everyone of you. Reading your posts really helped me through the c7 process.

    A little background... I was discharged yesterday. I did not reaffirm my home and I have always been current. My post BK credit score is a 641. I applied...
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  • kathy4530050
    started a topic When does the UST get involved?

    When does the UST get involved?

    Anyone? I have about $80,000 in cc debt and a $20,000 second mortgage. My house is going into foreclosure and I own my (only) car outright--kbb value about $3,000. I have no other assets other than household furnishings that aren't worth much and office equipment necessary for my work. I have two...
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  • Priceless ProSe
    started a topic UST only?

    UST only?

    I have posted this on a different thread (not my thread) but no answer so decided to start another. According to pacer there is only one trustee for my case, and it is a UST. Is this normal being that I filed two weeks ago? Or am I in for some fun?

    Also, when I filed they gave...
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  • abp559
    started a topic 341, US Trustee, and Continuation

    341, US Trustee, and Continuation

    We (spouse and I) had our 341 recently and the US Trustee came. The good news, we went first. The bad news, the US Trustee is interested in our case. Income over last six months averaged 8k, so I think he wanted to see if they could break our means test. Some of the numbers in our means test were misplaced...
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