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7 years after chapter 7

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    7 years after chapter 7

    I filed pro se chapter 7 in late 2015. It’s been 7 years now.

    the first year was a bit tough. Only capital one would give me an unsecured credit card….I got lots of offers for secured cards that looked like pretty bad deals. I had lots of offers to get really bad deals on cars. Turned all of it down. Drove my old 19 year old car till it dropped dead, and then bought for cash another old car….still have it today. I was fortunate in not having to rent … I was sole caregiver for my parents for 3 years. Part of why I filed when I did was because I had next to nothing and no income. But, I knew that wouldn’t be the case for long.

    in 2018 my parents both passed. I was left in a fairly sound position…free to work again, and sole inheritor. Both of which I knew would happen and wanted the BK behind me when it did.

    Now, it took a couple years before my credit score was back up into the mid 600s. I never did understand why my credit score fell into the 500s. A 300 point drop!! I had no credit card debt, car loan, mortgage, etc when I filed…but I feel I was treated like the biggest deadbeat in history by my credit union, bank, credit cards. I learned that loyalty does not exist. Good behavior was not rewarded in BK.

    today I am retiring. My credit score is upper 700s. I suppose it might get a little better again once I cross the 10 year mark. I don’t use credit cards very much..just enough to keep them “active”.
    I am still debt free, and will never again borrow what I cannot afford to pay.

    there is life after BK. It gets better….give it time.

    I know it has been a few months since you posted this, but thank you for this.


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