I have asked this of several people, but cannot get a consistent answer.

Background: Filed Ch7 on 11/24/15. No late payments on any accounts at time of filing, no missed payments. Discharged 2/22/16

Problem: On Equifax, most of my accounts that were discharged include "Date of First Delinquency: 11/15". There is no "Date Closed" on these accounts (but they do show up in my negative accounts section).

I have contacted Equifax. They say they confirmed the dates with the creditors. We filed a dispute with the CFPB. Navient has corrected their reporting. Chase (our mortgage holder, we surrendered our house) said that we were correct and that it should not be reporting with a DoFD, and is correcting it. BoA is insisting that it is correct, and that it "benefits" us to be reported as delinquent without a closed date (the agent became very testy when I asked her to explain to me HOW it benefits us, and why it is showing delinquent and not closed). We haven't heard from the credit union, or the other auto loan lender.

Equifax is telling me that "bankruptcy is derogatory, therefore it is delinquent". BoA is telling me that they are legally required to report it as having a delinquency. We have no charge-offs or collections.

I understand that bankruptcy is derogatory, but delinquency, to me has a whole other type of connotation. Bankruptcy PLUS delinquency doesn't accurately represent our situation and history. None of this make any sense. Who is correct?