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Recommended Credit Cards

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  • FYI: I was just discharged one month ago from a no asset chapter 7. I applied for an unsecured Capital One Card just for the hell of it today on their website, and low and behold I was approved!!!! I got a $750 credit limit, NO FEES, 0% APR until March/2009 and there after an APR of 15.99%. No monthly fees, no maintanance fees, none of that. My credit was really shot...I think I had a 500 fico or something like that !!!!! Anyway, it just goes to show you that anything is possible, and by the way I had over 100k in unsecured credit debt.


    • Originally posted by robivi3 View Post
      Don't go to Aspire just based on what i have stated. I researched the Cards through Aspire does have numerous complaints. As far as the State of Florida goes they seem to be few. Research any card thoroughly before you accept it.

      Type in some keywords that will bring up different reports for the cards you are looking for.
      Yes, before applying for credit cards, research it first. Find the one which you really need and compare rate and features from other cards.


      • I applied for and received an Orchard Bank Mastercard before discharge...oops. I applied before asking if it was ok to do so, but they approved me, even with the open BK. It has a $500 limit, 8.9APR, but does have a $5 a month maint. fee. Not bad, though.
        I also recently got a Hooters Mastercard with a $600 limit, no annual fee, but the APR is around 16%.
        I'll be careful. It's just nice to have something to fall back on if I need it and not have to go crawling back to dad again...
        Filed Chapter 7 4/29/08
        341 Survived 5/27/08
        Discharged 8/19/08
        Case Closed 9/08/08


        • My scores are in the mid 500's to 600 and 1st premiere and declined me? What is so funny is they sent me an offer. WTF... I got declined by Hooters and CapitalOne. Orchard and Target said we will give a response in 2 weeks which to me is declined. I just wanted a card to help raise my score. Guess I will save up to get a secured card =(


          • Those pre-approval mailers are never a guaranteed approval. These types of lenders only see that your credit is bad and they don't know you're credit history until you actually apply. Besides, with First Premier, the first $200 of your $300 credit limit is gone before you ever receive the card because of the upfront fees. Continential Finance is the same way.

            Don't give up on Orchard just yet. Orchard may need to verify a little information before they approve you. You should call and check with them regarding the status of the application and you may be able to find out if you're approved or declined.

            I got the same response ("Will receive a response within 2 weeks") when I applied for my Hooters Card and my Hooters card showed up about 10 days later.
            Last edited by BassBoy; 12-17-2008, 11:37 AM.
            Bankruptcy History:
            Chapter 7 filed - 10/12/2005 - Asset
            Discharged - 02/16/2006
            Case Closed - 11/08/2007

            A banker is a fellow who lends you his umbrella when the sun is shining and wants it back the minute it begins to rain ~ Mark Twain

            All suggestions are based on personal experience and research and SHOULD NOT be construed as legal advice as I am NOT an attorney. Always consult with competent counsel in your area with regards to your particular situation.


            • Originally posted by AMISLANDER View Post
              ....the warning about getting credit cards that you previously bk'd on...and how they can possibly add the old balance onto your new card?

              Anyone had any experience with this yet?
              Does this really happen? What credit card companies are known to do this? I included Orchard Bank in my Ch 13, and I currently have another one that they issued me two months ago. It only has a $300 limit, and I know that's not much, but I never use it. I just want something to show on my credit report with on-time payments. If they were gonna add the balance from the card that I included in my plan, do you think they would have done it by now?
              Filed: 5/22/07; 341 Hearing: 6/27/07;
              Confirmed: 8/13/07; DISCHARGED 4/17/2012


              • Not bk friendly

                After reading several post I applief for a Wal-Mart, Target and Kay Jewlers card. They all declined and stated the reason was because of the bankruptcy. Macy's and Captial One declined for the same reason as well.


                • I just applied for a household bank card and was approved for a 8.9% platinum card. I don't know the credit limit yet but my jaw absolutely hit the floor when I saw the approval message.

                  My credit reports all show that my debts were discharged and all trades show $0 balance. All I know is that my Experian score is 595....don't know the other two. My bk was discharged a month ago (11/5/08) and I applied today. I did not have any household bank debts in the bankruptcy (but my husband did). So I applied in my name only. WOW!

                  Filed Chp 7 Pro-Se 8/1/08
                  341 - 09/03/08
                  Discharged 11/5/08


                  • Within about 8 months after filing Ch. 7, I got:
                    Best Buy MC $500 (HSBC), Orchard MC $750 (HSBC) and WAMU MC ($2500).
                    I just got an offer from for a 7.99% fixed rate up to $5000 no fee card.
                    But I won't apply for it because I'm unemployed and would have to lie and say I'm employed (I assume) to get it. So I won't apply. Also, really the credit I have is enough already.
                    <<I am NOT an attorney, my comments are anecdotal only. Contact an attorney for advice>>
                    FINALLY DISCHARGED 92 DAYS AFTER THE 341! A NEW START!!!


                    • I was discharged and closed on 12/8/2008, 2 days ago, and this morning I decided to press my luck and see what I could get. So, I went to Orchard Bank and actually got approved for a $500 CC with a $39 annual fee. Then I went to Capital One and got approved for a CC. I don't know what the limit is yet on it, I need to call, but that is a good start. Since all of my CC's were closed during the bk and neither mortgage or cars are reporting, I needed something to help re-establish my credit. I am going to make one small purchase each month on them and probably apply for the Target or Hooters card in 6 months time. WOO HOO!!!
                      9/03/08...Chapter 7 Filed
                      10/06/08...341 Meeting Done!!! No Objections
                      12/08/2008...Case Discharged and Closed!!!


                      • Redlight

                        Did you include any debt from HSBC in your bankruptcy?
                        Retained Lawyer 10/3/08
                        Filed Chapter 7 11/25/08
                        Equifax 536 on 11/25/08, Equifax 571 on 03/11/09
                        Discharged 03/11/09


                        • Originally posted by tazzy20176 View Post
                          Did you include any debt from HSBC in your bankruptcy?
                          No. All of my CC debt was on two Chase cards and two Amex cards.
                          9/03/08...Chapter 7 Filed
                          10/06/08...341 Meeting Done!!! No Objections
                          12/08/2008...Case Discharged and Closed!!!


                          • Aspire Visa unsecured.

                            This is the best card out there. It will help in re establishing credit and positive items on your bureaus. Just keep making the payment.
                            HB Johnson


                            • Originally posted by HB Johnson View Post
                              This is the best card out there. It will help in re establishing credit and positive items on your bureaus. Just keep making the payment.
                              Uhhhh... sure doesnt sound like the "best card out there"

                              Retained bk7 laywer 8-12-08, Filed 12-22, 341 Meeting Scheduled 1-29-09
                              Discharged 4-17-09!!!
                              Reason for filing: Medical, NOT irresponsibility with credit.
                              "Sometimes you have to fall before you fly"


                              • Originally posted by HB Johnson View Post
                                This is the best card out there. It will help in re establishing credit and positive items on your bureaus. Just keep making the payment.

                                ASPIRE Credit Card is offered by CompuCredit. Aspire shut down right after Christmas 2008. Part of the reason they shut down is due to the FTC settlement made by CompuCredit for non disclosure of terms offered in their credit cards. See link below:

                                ATLANTA, GA -- (Marketwire) -- 12/19/08 -- CompuCredit Corporation (NASDAQ: CCRT) todayannounced that it has reached a settlement with the Federal DepositInsurance Corporation (FDIC) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) toresolve their regulatory inquiries regarding the Company's credit cardmarketing practices. The settlement with the agencies relates to marketingpractices from 2005 and prior years, does not require any change toCompuCredit's existing marketing or servicing practices and does not have amaterial impact on CompuCredit's financial condition.

                                "We are pleased to have reached this settlement with the FDIC and the FTCin order to resolve their concerns regarding the Company's past marketingpractices," said David Hanna, CompuCredit's Chairman and Chief ExecutiveOfficer.

                                The settlement covers customers throughout the United States and providesfor CompuCredit to credit approximately $114 million to certain customeraccounts that were opened between 2001 and 2005 and subsequently chargedoff or were closed with no purchase activity. This amount involves mostlynon-cash credits -- in effect, reversals of amounts for which payments werenever received. Cash refunds to consumers are estimated to beapproximately $3.7 million, and the Company also agreed to pay $2.4 millionto the U.S. Treasury.

                                About CompuCredit

                                CompuCredit is a specialty finance company and marketer of branded creditcards and related financial services. CompuCredit provides these servicesto consumers who are underserved by traditional financial institutions.Through corporate and affinity contributions focused on the underserved andun-banked communities, CompuCredit also uses its financial resources andvolunteer efforts to address the numerous financial challenges affectingits customers. For more information about CompuCredit,

                                Contacts:Media Relations:Tom Donahue770.828.1577Email ContactInvestor Relations:Jay Putnam770.828.2612Email Contact

                                Filed CH 7 9/30/2008
                                Discharged Jan 5, 2009! Closed Jan 18, 2009

                                I am not an attorney. None of my advice is legal advice in any way..


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