Question, My circumstance is I went from 120k+ salaried job (Very cushy) to being laid off and since I worked in such a Niche market, I have been on unemployment for a year nearly (come october it will be 1 year) I have not been able to make student loan payments since being laid off due to, well just having to survive. The Wells Fargo loan was a Microsoft Skills2000 loan initially if anyone may recall those I took out initially 25k for living expense and schooling for a certification which I never used and is horribly out of date now.

I may have a $9 a hour job at Home Depot unloading trucks.. which previously I was a Intelligence analyst for a government contractor (Due to debt my clearance is indefinitely on hold)

I am being treated for PTSD and regularly see my counselor, I also am on Anti-depressants (have been for a few years) but due to unemployment bills, etc it has gotten worse and no clearance I think has allowed me to accept that I have been suffering from PTSD for sometime ( previously after a especially stressed day me and the guys would go out for beers, I no longer drink)

I am debating on filing for Social Security Disability as panic attacks, anxiety, etc are out of control as I pull the scab back on PTSD stuff, I would not consider myself someone who would be on SSD forever, but feel I may need that to "Make ends meet" while going through this exhausting process (for the PTSD not the BK)

so my question basically is, what are the possibilities, or guidelines if/when one could have a student loan discharged? again this is not a sallie mae student loan, I did have those from previous schooling and paid in full.