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Feeling hopeless with private student loan.

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    Originally posted by billy99 View Post
    I completely feel your pain when it comes to your student loans and their ability to effect those you care about the most. The downside is the fact that they can hold the co-signer accountable for the loans. That is the entire purpose of a co-signer. Start by remembering that these companies want you to make the payments. Defaults on loans don't look very good on the books. It would seem that you are dealing with a company that wants to be much more difficult to deal with though. You could consider a debt consolidation company to help communicate with these various companies for you in order to help set up payment plans that work for you. There are options available so don't lose hope.
    I did find a reputable debt consolidation company that seemed able to help out with this loan (It took months, all except one wanted to deal with this type of private student loan). I got the ball rolling, and then it came time for the co-signer (husband's father) to submit financial information. The guy refused it outright, wouldn't even entertain the notion let alone speak with anyone in the consolidation company. He basically says, this is the loan you signed, now pay it. We've been making 1/4 the minimum payments to keep it from defaulting but simply can't do anymore without being homeless and every month they call us and him and we just give the same story and they keep adding on the fees and upping the interest rate.
    I can't think of anything else to do than just let the damn thing default, talking to the cosigner gets nowhere, talking to my husband gets nowhere. Looks like I should turn my efforts into getting a good divorce lawyer.


      Originally posted by AngelinaCat View Post
      My husband's [(AngelinaCatHub) otherwise known as 'Hub] Mother's ex-husband and his current live-in floozie, attempted to steal his dead mother's home (a single-wide mobile home) by faking a lost title claim to that trailer, and sell it back to us at an exorbitant price.

      I won't go any further about that, but the entire episode is worthy of a 'The Sting' type movie.
      Knowing that AngelinaCat is not a spring chicken, her husband's ex-stepfather's shacking up with a "floozy" in Florida reminds me more "The Golden Girls".


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