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341 Meeting Today in Western Kentucky District

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    341 Meeting Today in Western Kentucky District

    I have been reading and reading your stories and it really did prepare me for today. My 341 Meeting was easy and fast. We have filed Chapter 13. We surrendered the house and our 2008 Pathfinder. We are also on 100% payback.

    We got there early and I think it helped calm our nerves. It was a very informal sitting at the Federal Court House in Paducah, KY. Many were there in jeans and t-shirts. I found our trustee to be very nice and he also was making suggestions to the attorney's about how to handle some cases in case of hardships. We arrived about 30 minutes early and watched everyone else go through the motions. We were the last to be called of the 9:00 AM people and it was around 10:00. We walked up showed our driver's license and social security cards. We were sworn in and it was over in about a minute. He asked the surrendered the house and vehicle and since we were on 100% payback, there were not too many other questions to ask. He just said that our payment should start coming out of my husband's check next week, if not to give our attorney a call. HE said he will recommend to the judge to confirm.
    We had only one creditor show up, our local credit union, and they had no questions for us. It was extremely painless and am glad that part is over. Anyway it should be smooth sailing from here on out.

    Just wondering though, how long does it normally take to confirm in West KY? I am assuming there will not be any objections. The house is worth right at what we owe for the 1st and 2nd mortgages. And we are paying the others all in full.

    Congratulations on a smooth 341! I'm sure other more knowledgeable posters will be along shortly to answer your question.
    Filed Ch. 7 on 9/30/10---341 11/12/10---Report of No Distribution 11/16/10

    Discharged 1/21/11 Closed 1/26/11


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