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Help Needed Navigating Soon to be Dismissed Ch. 13 Case

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    Help Needed Navigating Soon to be Dismissed Ch. 13 Case

    I have been in my ch.13 since August 2018. I had to convert from a 7 to a 13 because after a 2004 examination, 2000 dollars in property was left off my paperwork and the US attorney wanted to dismiss my case but said I could transfer to a 13.

    I have no assetts; no car, no home, no property worth taking. Ive been making these large payments monthly which take about 60 percent of my take home pay. I have had to move heaven and earth to afford these payments. Eventually I was desperate and had to take out some HIGH interest loans so I could make payment plans payments but that cycle has caused a storm that has literally made me penniless.

    I havent made my ch 13 payments since March. I contacted my attorney right before covid 19 blew up in the beginning of March. He had me send him over pay stubs, my budget etc. and said he would look into it and let me know what my next move should be.

    I called him and tried to come in for an apt at first but he wanted me to email him documents, assess and get back to me. So I did that immediately. Then the next week covid 19 took over and I was sheltering at home. I called the office left messages, sent another email and I have heard nothing from there office.

    I was in such a bad mood with my overall life I decided to just ride out this pandemic and deal with this later. Ive let it go for too long now and am at my wits end. I am going to call my attorney again tomorrow and see if I can get someone on the phone.

    I would like to convert to a chapter 7. What happens to the thousands of dollars I have paid into the ch. 13 plan if it gets dismissed or I convert?

    Maybe I read your post incorrectly, but I'm wondering how you managed to take out any loans while in a Chapter 13, high interest or otherwise?
    Chapter 13 (not 100%):
    • Burned: AMEX, Chase, Citi, Wells Fargo, and South County Bank cum Bank of Southern California
    • Filed: 26-Feb-2015
    • MoC: 01-Mar-2015
    • 1st Payment (posted): 23-Mar-2015
    • 60th Payment (posted): 07-Feb-2020
    • Discharged: 04-Mar-2020
    • Closed: 23-Jun-2020


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