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341 Meeting Complete

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    341 Meeting Complete

    Update: Just got off the phone for my 341 Zoom meeting. It started at 1:30PM with 12 different filers on the call.

    We were asked to raise our right hand and swear to tell the truth.

    They asked for our last 4 digits of DL number:

    Then we just answered yes/no to:

    Is _____ your address?
    Do you still work at ____?
    Any raises in the last six months?
    Do you pay any alimony/child support?
    You have XYZ Mortgage and 2 vehicles you are paying outside the plan?
    You are paying an IRS bill and unsecured debt with the BK?
    Your biweekly payments are 706. Have you started making payments?
    Have you received any inheritance in the past year?

    Then she asked if there were any creditors there for us? Nope (there were no creditors for anyone on the docket).
    That was it. It was over.

    Next hurdle, Confirmation hearing on 10 May.

    I have mine coming up in about a week, I hope I have the same experience. I am glad it went well for you.


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