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Can I turn down an inheritance in Ch. 13?

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    that's excellent news! again, it's so important to have your "stuffs" in order. life can change in a day!

    yes, i'm certainly the loss of your OT will reflect a change in your DMI and maybe even in your filing status...maybe even a chapter 7 no asset?? any shot?
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        Probably still no shot at a 7 no assett.... but if I could just get back to not being on the verge of overdrafting my account or having to have a garage sale to buy gas, I'll be happy.

        Of course this whole thing has me thinking about my will (or lack thereof)... so I need to get that done.
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        I'd be almost done if I hadn't tried the debt settlement program first.


          it's nuts we never think about wills or such until this stuff smacks us right in the face.

          we moved to our new state of florida and i immediately saw the differences in the laws for other reasons to see an estate atty. like this. ...our electric co., while in nj we had the same co. as we do here in florida, so i put the information in as both me and my spouse for the account. well, they put the bill only in my spouses name. i don't think my spouse knows what a bill even looks like. so i call the electric co. because we had an issue and they refused to speak with me, stating they needed a POA actually a DPOA on their records!!! i couldn't believe it. we had an account with them well over 40 years, but i had to go and get the DPOA done and fax it over. apparently, in the state of florida that's the way it goes. also we did our medical DPOA (in calif called one thing and called something else here in florida) it's too confusing for any body!

          it's just good to make certain all your ducks are in a role. my brother just because so ill it was instant, and he can longer speak, he it is totally confused his "new" wife of three years can barely speak english (although she has master degree and is smart i just wish it had been in english lol!) i can't even understand her. my brother really has left her high and dry because we don't even know where he banked. i just can't stress enough the importance no matter what your age is that your life is completely in order. which reminds me i need to make an appt because i need to change things around myself. so not only should it be done, but many times even if it is done, it needs to be updated.

          best of luck with your bk. i'm certain it will all work for you for the good
          8/4/2008 MAKE SURE AND VISIT Tobee's Blogs! and all are welcome to bk forum's Florida State Questions and Answers on BK


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