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Schedule D: Creditors - Who Goes First?

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    Question Schedule D: Creditors - Who Goes First?

    "...For example, if a collection agency is trying to collect from you for a debt owed to someone else, list the creditor in Part 1, and then list the collection agency here."

    Hi All! Quick question...

    Long story short: I'm dealing with a 20+ year-old debt that's recently resurfaced.

    The original creditor (a credit card company) wrote it off, sold it, and pretty much washed their hands of the matter decades ago.

    All these years later, it's landed in the hands of a notoriously aggressive debt collector who's been actively working the legal system to get paid (via wage garnishment).

    So who gets listed first on line 2.1? And who gets relegated to the "Others to be notified" page?

    Thanks in advance for your time and help.

    Hello, the original creditor would be listed in 2.1 and the collection agency would be put in others to be notified.


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